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Traditional Melody - Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Shari and Jerry Tallon

This song is available on Shari and Jerry's Songs For Every Season.

This is a fun action song to help your students learn about Winter Activities. You can ask the children what outdoors clothes they will need and pretend to put them on. Have everyone pretend to put on their skates and up and do all these activities with your “circle time” area.

Skating skating 
On a skating rink 
When days are cold
When days are bright
What do you think?
Gliding gliding
Over the sheet of ice
If we could skate every day
Wouldn’t that be nice.
Everyone skates around

Pretend to shiver
Hold arms out
Everyone sings
Everyone skates

During the two bar instrumental break, ask the students to sit down.

Tobogganing, tobogganing
Down a hill of snow
Sit down
And hold on tight
Look how fast we go
Dress up warm
With hats and coats
Your mitts and snow pants too
Tobogganing, tobogganing
It’s so much fun to do

Everyone sits and slides across floor

Everyone stops moving
Hold fists up as if holding on
Everyone sings
Pretend to put on your hats, coats
  mitts and snow pants

During the two bar instrumental break, ask the students to stand up
and get ready to go cross-country skiing.

Skiing, skiing
Across the country side
Up and down the snowy hills
Look how fast we glide
Winter, winter
Everyone pretends to ski

Go up and down



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Many thanks to Shari and Jerry Tallon for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Narroway Productions. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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