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Silly Songs

Goofy Lyrics and Song Samples

These silly songs for kids are available from a variety of albums:

Absolutely Nowhere To Go – Randy & Dave
Accident Prone – The Battersby Duo
Acting Like a Baby – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Aikendrum – Silly Song Lyrics
Animal Fair – Traditional Silly Song Lyrics
Apples and Bananas – Traditional Lyrics
April Fool – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Are We There Yet? – Judy Pancoast
A Rhino Likes Popcorn – Jason Anderson
Bad to the Bone – Wayne Potash
The Bear Went Over the Mountain – A new twist on the silly song!
The Best Silly Songs Ever! – Mrs. Music & Friends
B-I-N-G-O– Traditional Lyrics
Boom Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy – Traditional Folk Song
Boom Chocolaca – Mrs. Music & Friends
Broccoli – Mrs. Music & Friends
Buena Vista Judy Pancoast
Calling All The Elephants – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Casserole Anyone – The Battersby Duo
Children Under the Bed – Grin Brigade
Clean Your Room – Mrs. Music & Friends
Crab Bit My Toe – Mrs. Music & Friends
Daddy Do You Wanna? – Susan Harrison
Do Your Ears Hang Low? – Traditional Silly Song
Dorky Haircut – Grin Brigade
Down By the Bay – Traditional Song
Dr. Rixie from Dixie – Judy Pancoast
Enjoy It While You Can – Randy & Dave
Evereybody's Ignorant – Randy & Dave
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow – Traditional Song
Funny Papers – Randy & Dave
Funny Rhymes (Long Vowels) – Ron Brown
Go In and Out the Window – Traditional Song Lyrics
Good Day for Spiders – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
The Green Grass Grew All Around – Traditional Song
Head and Shoulders, Baby 123 – Traditional Song
Hickory Dickory Dock – Nursery Rhyme
Higgeldy Dance (Tongue Twister) – Debbie Clement
Hula Mula – Mrs. Music & Friends
Hum – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
The Humm-emotion Song – J. W. Snyder
I Beg Your Pardon Sir – Prue Whoo
I Can't Find My Toes – Mrs. Music & Friends
Ice Cream on a Hot Dog – Mrs. Music & Friends
I Don't Brush My Teeth – Barry Louis Polisasrn
I Don't Wanna Go To School – Barry Louis Polisasrn
I Got a Wiggle – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
I Had a Rooster – Traditional Song
I Lost My Pants – Barry Louis Polisasrn
Just For Fun – Marilyn M. Linford
Last Time I Was Here – Randy & Dave
Last Word – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Let's Clap Our Hands Together – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Little Peter Rabbit – Music with Mar.
Michael Finnegan – Traditional Silly Song
Miriam's Muse – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Monkey Girl – Judy Pancoast
Mr. Berschmicker – Randy & Dave
My Dog Pepper – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
My Dog Rags – Traditional Silly Song
My Hands On My Head – Traditional Song
Never Ever – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
The Night Froggies Flew – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
The Noble Duke of York – Traditional Silly Song
One Big Eyeball – Judy Pancoast
One Bottle of Pop – Traditional Silly Song
The Perfect Kid (Not!) – Judy Pancoast
The Pirate Song – Mrs. Music & Friends
Pop Goes the Weasel – Traditional Song
Puzzle – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Rattlin' Bog – Traditional Song
Roly Poly #2 – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Row, Row, Row Your Boat – A new twist on a silly song!
Sand Castles Judy Pancoast
Semolina – Randy & Dave
Silly Little Song – Stephen Fite
The Silly Pirate Song Jack Hartmann
So What If I Do? – Randy & Dave
Squirrel Ran Up My Leg – Mrs. Music & Friends
Squish It Up – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Sticky Bubble Gum – Andy Z
Stinky Feet – Judy Pancoast
Sunday Gumbo – Skip West
Swimming in Jello – Judy Pancoast
There's a Hole In the Bucket – Traditional Silly Song Lyrics
Three Little Smelly Skunks – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Three Nice Mice – A new twist on a silly song!
This Old Man – Traditional Song
Tongue TwisterFran Avni
The Tongue Twister
The W.L.A. Childrens Choir
Tongue Twisters Jack Hartmann
The Tongue Twister SongMrs. Music
Barry Louis Polisar
Jason Anderson
We Don't Share – Randy & Dave
A Weird Thing Happened
Randy & Dave
Wild One – Judy Pancoast
Witches' Brew – Hap Palmer
The Word Family SongJ.W. Snyder
Woke Up CrankyDave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
Yankee Doodle – Traditional Song Lyrics

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