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A Great and Beautiful Country
Song about Canada
Gary Huntbatch

This song is available on Mr. I and Gary Q's In Canada.

It’s a great and beautiful country, 
Canada, oh, Canada
So big it goes from sea to sea, 
And this is the story of Canada

Before this land was covered with ice
We had dinosaurs plenty a-roamin’
But, when things warmed up and the ice was gone
They never returned again.

The first natives who came to live
Hunted and fished for food to eat
And then came along the british, and the french
Who farmed this land and made Canada great !

Then we divided up the land,
Three territories and ten provinces
Built a big railroad and a long highway
For us to travel great distances

Now, there are aeroplanes up in the sky
Over lakes and mountains they do soar
And people live here from all over the world
A big Canadian family that’s for sure





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Many thanks to Yurgen Ilaender (Mr. I) and Gary Q. for permission to display these lyrics.
© Yurgen Ilaender and Gary Huntbatch. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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