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Let’s Celebrate Columbus Day
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ben Stiefel

This song is available on Ben Stiefel's Christopher Columbus Rockin’ Biography

"Let's celebrate one of the world's greatest explorers. One, two, three - repeat after me…"


Let's celebrate - Columbus Day
World-class explorer - In every way

Let's celebrate - Columbus Day
For Christopher Columbus - We say hip, hip, hooray!

verse 1
Admiral of all
The oceans and seas
Made history
With his discoveries

Centuries ago
500 plus years
He sailed the New World
Let's all give him cheers
(repeat chorus)

verse 2
On Columbus Day
The schools are all closed
The stores have great sales
On house wares and clothes

But we must remember
Why we celebrate
Christopher Columbus
Explorer, so great
(instrumental solo)
(repeat verse 1)
(repeat chorus)



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Many thanks to Ben Stiefel for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Ben Stiefel. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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