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No Time
Song for Remembering Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives for Freedom
Learning by Song/Barbara Speicher

This song, along with the instrumental version, sheet music, and extension activities, is available on Barbara Speicher's "Learning About Patriotic Holidays and Symbols by Song"

This song, instrumental version, and activities, is also available as an individual download.


A carefree boy of nineteen with many hopes and dreams
Went to war a soldier, did not come back again
He carried out his mission and did what he was told
He never thought that he would die, his plan was to grow old

No time to be a husband, no time to have a son
No time to be a father, his life had just begun

A wreath of honor we can give to those brave heroes gone
By the life we choose to live, their spirit carries on
Give thanks for even small things, count blessings every day
Be grateful you're alive and free, a great price was paid

No time to be a husband, no time to have a son
No time to be a father, their time and ours are one

His face lives on in my mind, his smile never fades
A friend who lives in my heart, so much to me he gave

No time…he had no time
No time…they had no time
Let's live our best, all we can do
Far beyond what we might choose
We're living for them too
We're living for them too

Written in loving memory of Larry Herrera who died in the Vietnam War and to all those individuals who gave the supreme sacrifice of their lives for our country.

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Many thanks to Barbara Speicher for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Barbara Speicher. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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