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Using Music to Teach Social Studies

Geography, American History and Government
Songs to teach Socal Studies

These Social Studies lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use songs to teach American geography, government, history, patriotism, and culture.

American Geography Songs
The 50 States and Capitals Song – Tim Pacific
Directions to Nowhere (How to Read a Map)– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Gonna Name Our States– Music with Mar.
Great Lakes Jack– Foster Brown
Haul Away Henry Hudson– Skip West
The Key's the Key– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Makin' Tracks (The Western United States)– Geography Park
New England and Mid-Atlantic States & Capitals Rap– Geography Park
Name the States– Learning by Song
Oceans and Continents –MindMuzic
Punk Rock States (The Southeast US)– Geography Park
Shenandoah– Traditional
States and Capitals– MindMuzic
The State I'm In (The North-Central United States Rap)– Geography Park
Your World At A Glance– Marilyn M. Linford
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American Presidents
See our Songs about U.S. Presidents and Presidential Elections

American Government

Bill of Rights– MindMuzic
Branches of Government– MindMuzic
Declaration of Independence– Barbara Speicher
The Gettysburg Address– Barbara Speicher
Gettysburg Address– Janine Cooper Ayres
Government– Jim Thompson
How Bills Become Laws– MindMuzic
In the Constitution– Learning by Song
Pledge of Allegiance– Mrs. Music & W.L.A. Children's Choir
Pledge of Allegiance– Music with Mar.
President's Duties– MindMuzic
US Presidents– MindMuzic
Voting Process– MindMuzic
We the People– Greta Pedersen

American History
Age of Exploration– Learning by Song
The American Civil War– Learning by Song
American - Indian War– MindMuzic
The American Revolution– Learning by Song
Civil Rights Movement– MindMuzic
Civil War– MindMuzic
Cumberland Gap– Traditional
The Erie Canal andThe E-ri-e Canal– Traditional
Gettysburg Address– Janine Cooper Ayres
Gold Rush– MindMuzic
Gulf War– MindMuzic
Halfway to Heaven (A 9/11 Tribute) – Hank Fellows
Industrial Revolution– MindMuzic
Lewis and Clark– Kathleen Wiley
Lewis and Clark Expedition– MincMuzic
Mexican American War– MindMuzic
The Miner's Song (The California Gold Rush)– Learning by Song
Oh Mission Life– Learning by Song
On the Fourth of July– Ben Stiefel
The Original 13 Colonies Song– Tim Pacific
The Pony Express – Kathleen Wiley
Remember the Alamo– Kathleen Wiley
Revolutionary War– MindMuzic
Slavery– MindMuzic
Thirteen Colonies– MindMuzic
The Union States and Confederate States ( Civil War)– Tim Pacific
Veitnam War– MindMuzic
War Timeline– MindMuzic
World War I– MindMuzic
World War II– MindMuzic

American Symbols

Bald Eagle– Learning by Song
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (The Statue of Liberty) – Emma Lazarus/Barbara K. Silberg
Old Glory– Mrs. Music &Learning by Song
Pledge of Allegiance– Mrs. Music & W.L.A. Children's Choir
Pledge of Allegiance– Music with Mar.
The Star Stangled-Banner– Francis Scott Key
The Statue of Liberty– Kathleen Wiley
The Statue of Liberty– Emma Lazarus

American Patriotic Music
America - Bobby Susser
America the Beautiful– Katharine Lee Bates
Battle Hymn of the Republic– Julia Ward Howe
Dancing in the USA - Bobby Susser
Let's Sing About America– Marilyn M. Linford
My Country 'Tis of Thee– Samuel Francis Smith
My Country 'tis Patriotic Medley– Judy Leonard
Proud To Be An American– Music with Mar.
Red, White and Blue– Debbie Clement
Red, White and Blue– Two of a Kind
The Star Stangled-Banner– Francis Scott Key
U.S.A.– Learning by Song
Wake Up in America – Grin Brigade
When Johnny Comes Marching Home– Patrick S. Gilmore
You're a Grand Old Flag– George M. Cohan

American Heroes, Explorers and Inventors

See our Biographical Songs

American Songs in Remembrance of 9/11/2001
Half Way to Heaven– Hank Fellows
Eternal Flame– Skip West
New Day Dawning– Hank Fellows
One Heart, One Voice– Hank Fellows
The Spirit of America- Hank Fellows

African-American History
See our collection of Black History Music

American History/Social Studies Musical Plays
13 Colonies- Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution- Bad Wolf Press
American Symbols- Bad Wolf Press
European Explorers in the New World- Bad Wolf Press
Gold Dust or Bust- Bad Wolf Press
Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive- Bad Wolf Press
Greatest Americans of the 20th Century - Bad Wolf Press
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Bad Wolf Press
The Story of America: A Classroom Musical - Lauren Mayer
U.S. Constitution: A Reality Show- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Presidents- Bad Wolf Press

Discovery of America
A Brand New World- Ben Stiefel
A Shorter Way To the Indies- Ben Stiefel
Age of Exploration– Learning by Song
Christopher Columbus- Kathleen Wiley
Columbus Revisited- Two of a Kind
The First Thanksgiving– Learning by Song
Founding of America– MindMuzic
Let's Celebrate Columbus Day- Ben Stiefel
The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria- Ben Stiefel
The Pilgrims Sailed Far Across the Sea– Sam Jones

Native American History and Culture
Chief Black Hawk and Bishop Kerns– Kathleen Wiley
First Americans, and So Proud– Learning by Song
Hey, Hey, Watenay– Traditional Ojibwa Lullaby
Native Americans– Josh Ledbetter
Native American Counting Song– Music Movement & Magination
Powwow– Jack Hartmann
Sacajawea– Kathleen Wiley

Squanto– Kathleen Wiley
They Dance for Rain and Rainbows– Sam Jones
Tsa-La-Gi (Cherokee)– Judy Leonard
Wee Hee Nah– Traditional Native American
Ya Ha Haway– Traditional Native American

Economics and Business
Business: What About All This Business?– Frank Bruen
Economic Terms– MindMuzic
Trading: A Marigold For Company– Frank Bruen
The Miner's Song– Learning by Song
Money: Money, Money– Frank Bruen
Profit: A Frog For Profit– Frank Bruen
Jobs: Getting Things Done– Frank Bruen

World History Songs
Age of Enlightenment– MindMuzic
French Revolution– MindMuzic
The Holocaust– MindMuzic
Medieval Times– MindMuzic
The Vikings – David East
World Nations– MindMuzic
World Religions– MindMuzic
World War I– MindMuzic
World War II– MindMuzic

Canadian Social Studies Songs
See our Songs about Canadian Culture and History

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