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El Coqui
Spanish Song for Teaching about the Coqui Frog
Anna E. Kravis

This song is available on Anna E. Karvis' Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo

“Co-kee” is the sound the tiny coquí frog makes, as he sings through the night. He is nocturnal, singing in the tree tops at night, and jumping down to the ground at dawn, to nest quietly in the leaves. The coquí is only an inch long when full grown, as little as the first part of your thumb!

El coquí, el coquí a mi me encanta.
Esta lindo el cantar del coquí.
Por las noches salir acostarme.
Me adormece cantando así.
Chorus: Coquí, coquí, coquí,
Me adormece cantando así.
Coquí, coquí, coquí,
Me adormece cantando así.

I wrote this English verse to El Coquí to capture the feeling that Puerto Ricans have for their beloved little frog. It isn’t a literal translation, but a very sing-able verse.

Little coquí frog, how I love you.
How I love your beautiful song.
In the night as I am sleeping,
You sing to me all night long.
Chorus: Coquí, coquí. coquí,
I hear you singing to me.
Coquí, coquí, coquí,
I hear you singing to me.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Dramatic Play

As children listen to the song on the album, have them pretend that their thumb is a little coquí. (Make a fist, with thumb resting on the top of fist, facing the ceiling.) Bend your other arm at the elbow, so the fingers are facing upward, and toward the ceiling. Spread your fingers so your arm looks like a tree. Imagine it’s daytime, and the little frog is sleeping in the leaves. (Coquí is your other hand with thumb resting on the top of fist, facing the ceiling.) During the verse coquí wakes up, (thumb stands up straight) and climbs up the up the other arm (tree). When he reaches the fingers (tree top), he hops there and sings “co-kee” to that part of the song. Look! You have a coquí in tree!

If you have an open space, have children curl up like little sleeping coquís, while listening to the song on the album. When the coquí, coquí, coquí part of the song comes, children can “wake up” and hop like little frogs, singing “co-kee”. When that part of the song is over, the little frogs curl up and go back to sleep.

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Many thanks to Anna E. Kravis for permission to display these lyrics.
© Baby Rose Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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