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Lava las Manos-Wash your Hands
Spanish Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Heidi Piña Madera

This song is available Sing-A-Lingo's En Mi Casa

This album contains Spanish Vocal Songs with Lyrics (Printable English Translations included).

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Lava, lava las manos*

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Lava, lávalas (la/los) bien

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Lava, lava las manos

Con agua, jabón
Lávalas (la/los) bien

Verse 2: * la cara...           agua, jabón

Verse 3: * los dientes...     cepillo y pasta


English Translations (English Vocal Songs are not included on this album):

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Wash, wash your hands*

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Wash, wash them well

Sh, sh-sh, sh
Wash, wash your hands

With water, soap
Wash them well

Verse 2: * face…  water, soapVerse

3: * teeth...brush and paste



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Many thanks to Heide Piña Madera for permission to display these lyrics.
© Sing-A-Lingo and Piña Madera. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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