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Son Los Colores De Mi Mundo
(These Are the Colors of My World)
Anna E. Kravis

This song is available on Anna E. Karvis' Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo

Introduction to song:

Red is rojo. Rojo is red.
Blue is azul, Azul is blue.
Green is verde. Verde is green.
Grey is gris. Gris is grey.
Pink is Rosado. Rosado is pink.
Orange is anranjado. Anaranjado is orange.
Yellow is Amarillo. Amaraillo is yellow.
White is blanco. Blanco is white.
Son los colores de mi mudo.
(English) These are the colors of my world.

Rojo is red like the apple so bright.
Azul is blue like the morning sky.
Verde is green like the grass that grows.
Gris is gray, the color of a stone.

Son los colores, son los colores, son los colores de mi mundo.
These are the colors, these are the colors, these are the colors of my world.

Repeat after me:
Say rojo (rojo), that’s red.
Say azul (azul), that’s blue.
Say verde (verde), that green.
Say gris (gris), that’s gray.

Rosado is pink, the color of a rose.
Anaranjado is orange like the fruit that grows.
Amarillo is yellow like the sun in the sky.
Blanco is white, like the clouds passing by.


Repeat after me:
Say rosado (rosado), that’s pink.
Say anaranjado (anaranjado), that’s orange.
Say amarillo (amarillo), that’s yellow.
Say blanco (blanco), that’s white.


Using Listening, Observation, Color Identification, Language and Singing

Listen to the introduction to this song on the CD. It gives the Spanish words for each of
the colors mentioned in the song.

Post a piece of construction paper at the front of the room, with the color you are
working on, written on it. For example: Rojo is Red written on red construction paper.
(You might do a different color each day. Review all colors at the end.)

Have children look around the room to find objects that are the same colors as those
mentioned in the song. For example, do they see any objects that are red?

Make a list on the blackboard of red items the children have discovered in the room.
(Do this for each color in the song, on a different day.)

Go through the list, having the children say, for instance: The crayon is rojo. Rojo is red.
(Do this for each color in the song, each on a different day.)

CREATIVE WRITING: Have the class create their own version of the song, which can be
sung using the karaoke track. Find different objects with the colors in the song, and
write your own 2 verses. They do not have to rhyme!

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Many thanks to Anna E. Kravis for permission to display these lyrics.
© Baby Rose Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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