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The Hiking Song
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Alan Riva and Karin Howard, MA/CCC - Speech Therapist

This song is available on Alan Riva and Karin Howard's
"Exploring Language Through Song and Play"

This song was developed for children to have a fun, safe place to practice sounds in which air flows through the oral cavity. In technical terms, the sounds in this song are referred to as sibilants and liquids. These sounds can be tricky for some children and are developed later, but it is never too early for a little carefree practice. Just have lots of fun with this one. Remember, don’t expect perfect production of these sounds if a child is 1-6 years of age. However, I do expect you as adults to watch your production of these sounds because as I always say “We are the best models for articulation that our children have. We may not all be 5’10” and walk the runway in fashion but we can be supermodels for speech and language.” This is a great song to march to. So, let them get up and march. You can also get out some pots and pans or real drums, and drum along as they are marching.


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Many thanks to Alan Riva for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
©Alan Riva. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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