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Hippo Hop
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Alan Riva and Karin Howard, MA/CCC - Speech Therapist

This song is available on Alan Riva and Karin Howard's
"Exploring Language Through Song and Play"

Definition: The translation of sound patterns into their intended meaning. This understanding may be verbal or visual. In other words, spoken, visual or written messages that are received by the individual and then decoded into meaningful

Just follow along with your child as Captain Al describes the movements, so “boogie down!” Caution though, it may be difficult to get this song out of your head after hearing it a couple of times! For fun play activities, try to encourage your child to participate in interactive games where they really have to listen or watch and then follow the directions given. For older children, these games may be 'Simon Says' or 'Follow The Leader'. Younger children may respond better to games such as 'Red Light - Green Light' or 'Red Rover'. Also, make sure you are giving your child the opportunity to follow simple instructions around the house. When giving your child simple directions make sure you start with only one element. For example, "pick up the teddy bear" or "Sit down please". This way, there is only one element or step to the direction. Add a second element or step as your child becomes proficient at the one element/step direction. Such as: "Get the teddy bear and put it on the table" or "Take this glass and put it on the table

Hippo Hop



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Many thanks to Alan Riva for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
©Alan Riva. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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