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Miss Lolly's House
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Alan Riva and Karin Howard, MA/CCC - Speech Therapist

This song is available on Alan Riva and Karin Howard's
"Exploring Language Through Song and Play"

In order to articulate all the sounds in the mouth, the tongue needs to develop strength and coordination. The four verses of the song allow the child and you to practice different helpful exercises. Do these movements along with your child to make it a shared activity and to demonstrate (“super model”) the movements if your child has difficulties following the instruction in the song. 

The four exercises, in the order that they come in the song, are: 
   1) Start with your tongue at the alveolar ridge, which is the place behind the top front teeth where the gummy flesh meets the back of the teeth. Then move the tongue tip back and forth along the roof of the mouth.
   2) The tongue points all the way to one side of the mouth and touches the inside of one cheek, then move the tip of the tongue up and down keeping the tongue tip in contact with the inside of the cheek. You should be able to see the tongue moving the cheek. Then the other side.
   3) Place the tongue tip again at the alveolar ridge but this time move your tongue from side to side behind the back side of the upper front teeth with your lips slightly open.
   4) Place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth and make a clicking noise by applying pressure to the roof of the mouth with the tongue tip and releasing down. Do this several times rapidly, with the lips open the entire time.   

Miss Lolly's House

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Many thanks to Alan Riva for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
©Alan Riva. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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