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Question Time
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Alan Riva and Karin Howard, MA/CCC - Speech Therapist

This song is available on Alan Riva and Karin Howard's
"Exploring Language Through Song and Play"

Puppets, puppets, puppets - this will be the key to a successful activity to this song. You can make these puppets with the children out of construction paper, fun foam or any scraps of material you find around the house or classroom. If you happen to have won the lottery recently, you may purchase expensive, extravagant puppets... but any puppets will do. You will need four puppets that preferably resemble a little girl, a little boy, a mom and a dad. Listen to the song a couple of times before you do the activity so that you know which puppet to use during the appropriate place in the song.

The song starts out with the little girl in a family making a decision to ask her mom some questions. As you will hear, this sets off a chain reaction of questions throughout the entire family. Move the mouths of the corresponding puppet and respond with the appropriate answering puppet. Continue this turn taking style throughout the song with quick puppet switches when appropriate. I like to have the two puppets dance in a swaying motion during the musical interludes and then make my quick puppet change.

It is so nice for the children to get to see the back and forth style of question and answers with puppets along with the verbal model that they are hearing. It is also important for them to realize that, for example, the mother first answers questions and then goes on to asking the questions. By emphasizing the different roles, the hope is that the child will be more exploratory in the emergence of their questioning and answering skills. Note that some children are good at asking questions all day long, however, they do not respond so directly when they are asked questions. Even without this activity the children can gain a lot of information about the art of asking and responding to questions.

To extend this activity in a group setting, you can give the children the puppets, and have them come up two at a time and ask each other questions. At home you and the child can do a modified version of this with one puppet each taking turns asking and answering questions of their own. It’s also okay to drop the puppets and just have fun asking each other questions.

Question Time



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Many thanks to Alan Riva for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
©Alan Riva. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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