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Defenseless Dinosaur
Dinosaur Song
Stephanie Burton

This song is available on Stephanie Burton's The Curiosity Shop.

Look at me, what do you see?
A dinosaur with no defenses.
To you I shout,” Please help me out!”
Protect me from my enemies.

Spikes on my back are what I lack,
Could I be like stegosaurus?
If I had wings, I could really swing
Like my friend the pterosaur.

Look at me, what do you see?
A dinosaur with no defenses1
To you I shout,” Please help me out!”
Protect me from my enemies.

I wish I’d been born with three nice horns
Like triceratops,
Look at my paws I have no claws,
And that would help a lot.

(musical interlude)

Look at me, now what do you see?
A dinosaur with some defenses1
To you I shout,” Hey you, watch out,
If you’re one of my enemies!

Activities for "Defenseless Dinosaur"

Activity One: Teaching the Defensive Chacteristics of Dinosaurs
      Make a copy of the dinosaur from page 34 of The Curiosity Shop by Stephanie Burton and Phyllis Campbell. Ask the children what this dinosaur could do to protect itself if it were attacked by another dinosaur. They can see that it has no claws or spikes or sharp teeth. Have the children give ideas as to what they could draw on the dinosaur to give it some way to defend itself. Play the song “Defenseless Dinosaur” from The Curiosity Shop while the children pretend to be a dinosaur with no defenses and then a dinosaur that can defend itself.

Activity Two: Teaching Elementary Concept of Measurement and Units of Length
How Big Were They?
      Materials: Colored links, beads and strings.
      Prepare some lengths of string cut to the length or height of some of the dinosaurs. The children can piece together links or beads and string to represent the size of some of the dinosaurs.
      Here are measurements of some common dinosaurs:
            Allosaurus- Length: 33 feet
            Ankylosaurus- Length- 30 feet
            Brachiosaurus- Length: 75 feet
            Compsognathys- Length-. 28 inches
            Stegosaurus- Length: 20 feet
            Triceratops- Length: 30 feet
            Tyrannosaurus Rex- Length: 46 feet

Activity Three: Home/School Connection
      Copy and send this note home with each child



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Many thanks to Stephanie Burton for permission
to display these lyrics and extension activites.
© Panda Bear Publications. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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