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Stone Soup
Adaptation of the Traditional Story and Math Extension Activities
Stephanie Burton

This song is available on Stephanie Burton's Math Magic for Ages 3-7.

We’re making stone soup,
We’re making stone soup,
Well, you mix it up, you mix it up,
You stir it around,
We’re making stone soup.

You take a clean stone and put it in a pot;
You take some water and you fill it up;
Cut up some carrots and some onions, too;
Throw them in the pot,
You know what we’re going to do.


Now take some potatoes and chop them up;
Find some barley and throw them both in the pot;
Take a little salt and some pepper, too;
Throw them in the pot,
You know what we’re gonna do.


You can take a little taste now;
Isn’t that really good?!
Invite all your friends in the neighborhood.
We’ll have a feast fit for a king or queen;
With soup from a stone;
Isn’t that amazing?!

‘Cause we made stone soup
Yes, we made stone soup,
Well, we mixed it up, we mixed it up,
We stirred it around,
Yes, we made stone soup.


     Stone Soup

Circle Time Math Activites
     Sing the song. Place the cut out objects from the manipulatives page (included in Math Magic) on the flannelboard, chalkboard, Velcro® board or the floor As the song is sung, put each item into the pot. When you are done, count how many things went into the soup.

     Edible, Non-edible: Collect an assortment of items both edible and non-edible and bring them to your large group in a sack. Provide a large pot and a basket in order to sort the items. As each item is pulled out of the sack the children tell you if it is something you eat or something you don’t eat. If it is something you eat, put it in the pot. If it is something you don’t eat, put it in the sack. When you’ve finished you can count to see which contains more items, the pot or the basket.

     Comparing Stones. Collect stones either around your school or have each child bring one from home (make sure that they are too large to swallow for very young children.) At circle time, each child puts a stone in front of his/her place. Invite the children to talk about similarities and differences in the stones. A few suggestions for comparison include size, texture, color, shape, and weight.

Movement Math Activities
     Parachute Soup: For this activity, you can use a large sheet if you do not have a parachute. Cut out enough of the items on the manipulatives page (included in Math Magic) so that each child has one item. Each child should hold onto the parachute with one hand and hold an item from the song with the other hand. Put on the music to “Stone Soup.” As each item is mentioned in the song, that item it tossed into the parachute (the soup). When you sing “Mix it up, mix it up, stir it around,” you shake or jiggle the parachute. During the last verse, hold the parachute and walk in a circle until the “mix it up” part where you’ll shake the parachute again.

     Act out the Song: It is fun to dramatize this song pretending that the children themselves are the various items going into the pot. Hand out enough items from the manipulatives page (one to each child) so that all of the soup ingredients are represented. If you have a large group of children you can separate the students into ingredient groups by calling all the carrots to one area of the room, all of the onions into another, the potatoes somewhere else, etc. Count how many in each group. As you sing the song, each group of ingredients comes into the “soup.” (The teacher and some students can gently pretend to cut them up and mix them up.) At the end of the song you can pretend to eat the soup.

Touch and Tell Math
     For these activities, each child will be given a zip-top bag with duplicated and cut out pictures from the manipulative page of this chapter. (Included in Math Magic)

     Sing the song. Copy and cut out all of the items on the Stone Soup manipulatives page and place them in a zip-top bag. Tape the words to the song on the cover of the bag. Children may either use their own activity bag as you sing this together in class or they may take them home to use with their family.
     Variation. Children may use their own activity bag at a learning center and recreate the song or make up their own sorting/ matching game
     Sorting game. Each child brings their activity bag to the circle. The teacher calls out a description of an ingredient such as “find something round.” Each child who finds an item that fits the description waves it in the air for all to see. Descriptors might include: something long, something that makes your mommy or daddy cry when they chop it up; something that bunnies like to eat, etc.

Learning Center Math
The following activities can be used individually or with a small group of children.
      Make Stone Soup: Encourage the children to help you make stone soup. Ask each child to bring in a vegetable for the soup. The following recipe is quite flexible and can be adapted to what the children bring in to help make the soup....

     Fill the Containers: Provide the children with several different sizes and shapes of containers and lots of stones (make sure the stones are too large to swallow if working with children under 3. Have the children predict how many stones they think it will take to fill a container. Encourage them to count with you as they fill it. Were they correct or did it take more or fewer? Try this with other containers.

      Duplicate and cut out these pictures (included in Math Magic) to use with the suggested activities on the following pages. They may be colored or painted with watercolors. We suggest you laminate the teacher’s set so that they last.

Graph Activity
(Included in Math Magic)

Take-Home Math Activity
(Included in Math Magic)

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Many thanks to Stephanie Burton for permission
to display these lyrics and extension activites.
© Panda Bear Publications. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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