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Figure 8 Suite for a Functional Outcome

Figure 8 Suite for a Functional Outcome
Fun Walk n' Talk Songs for Kids with Special Needs

Music Especially Created for Children with Autism
Building Motor Skills and Stimulating Brain Growth

Shanti Malladi MS, OTR/L and the popular children’s songwriting and performing team Lori & RJ, have developed a musical activity program for special needs children that is gaining support as a successful therapeutic tool for autistic and other special needs children.

The Figure 8 Suite encourages children to follow set patterns of music and movement that integrate both sides of the brain and body, thereby stimulating brain growth and teaching new motor skills.

Please make sure that you read the insert or booklet for optimal results! This album is deliberately designed with the INTRO MOVEMENT CALLED THE “BOAT RIDE.” IT IS REPEATED ON PURPOSE!! Each track will begin the same for 1:40. It is called ROTE TRAINING: LEARNING BY REPETITION. The idea is that one will be able to quickly recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it, which is used frequently with Special Needs Children. After the BOAT RIDE, on each track, the movements are similar, BUT, with different rhythms, beats, concepts, animals, feeling and Walk N’Talk sounds. 

PLEASE LISTEN for more than 1:40 to get the desired results. Each Walk N’ Talk Movement is approximately 5-6 minutes long less the 1:40 standardized intro ‘Boat Ride’ for each movement. Rote Learning is a learning technique which avoids understanding of a subject and instead focuses on memorization. In the Figure 8 Suite, our focus is memorization of the movement and the sounds.

See and listen to an excerpt from this resource.

Originally researched and designed for this purpose, the Figure 8 Suite has quickly gained the endorsement and support of therapists, educators and organizations involved in treating autistic children. Shanti Malladi MS, OTR/L, is an APT Board Member (Association of Pediatric Therapists) and works as a therapist with the Fremont Unified School District in Northern California. She initially incorporated the music of Lori & RJ in her therapy sessions and noticed a special attraction by the children to the lively, upbeat lyrics and music. She then proceeded to develop the Figure 8 Suite in association with the singer/songwriters.
     Why is it called the Figure 8 Suite? An infinity pattern (∞) is placed on the floor. Children move around the pattern while lively music with guided lyrics directs them to make fun sounds and movements. Traversing the Figure 8 pattern, children learn to "cross the midline" (which some children with special needs have great difficulty doing), which integrates both sides of the brain and body. Each set of exercises builds upon the previous one to provide a gradual transition as skills are developed. Children develop self-awareness and social communication skills, enhance imagination/visualization, and develop better play skills.
     Parents and therapists can use the program with special needs children, including children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD learning disabilities as well as Autism. Wheelchair users can also replicate most of the movements.

Professionals have commented...
     “From a medical point of view you are opening up new doors to a greater understanding of the relationship that music and vibratory frequencies have to neuroscience."      --Pediatrician

      “The sounds effects and music immediately attracted their attention and they started to walk and talk just like the animals.”      --Preschool Teacher

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