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I CAN Children

I CAN South Sudan is a Refugee led Community-Based Organization (CBO) operating in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Zone 1 with the aims to engage unaccompanied refugee children in social and musical activities. The aim is in three-folds: to give them meaning, purpose and hope in their lives, to develop their skills and talents for the future, and to provide them with a voice to express their trauma and their desire for peace.

Created in 2017 by refugee youth trainers and teachers Stephen Wandu Bimo, Seme Ludanga and Kyobutungi Angela a Ugandan by nationality who have compassion to support refugees, I CAN initially received a Good Will support of Euro 5,000 from Misereor to help 20 children over 6 months. The Charity's program includes musical coaching with the emphasis on group work, building individual confidence and creating links of friendship between the children who come from both sides of the tribal conflict in South Sudan. Children are also taken on 'treat' outings together to put smile on their faces and give them positive experiences outside of the refugee camp

The musical program focuses in part on the preservation of South Sudanese stories, songs, and musical traditions. As refugees in Uganda, the children's schooling teaches them songs and poetry of a different country. While this is potentially a very enriching experience, it is also important that they do not lose contact with the stories and poetry in their own South Sudanese traditions. This is not just about cultural preservation but also about comfort: Storytelling is an important part of South Sudanese culture and children sing songs as they play and gather in the evening to tell stories (known as 'Pature' in Zande culture). Many of these have been passed down for generations. I CAN South Sudan aim to preserve these traditions in an inclusive way so that the children are taught the practices and stories of variety of tribes as peace building efforts
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