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Maria Rossoto

Maria Rossoto

Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musicpreneur Maria Rossoto has a perpetual hankering for adventure and a free-spirited approach to everything she does. That is especially evident in her new release “Friends in the Garden”, a collection of 12 original songs that teach kids about organic gardening. It is a multi-genre trek covering jazz, Latin, polka, soul, folk rock, disco and blues. Maria wrote the songs, recorded vocals and percussion on the album, created the cover art, and shared post-production with pianist/producer Andrew Fazackerly. She wanted fun, high quality music to go with her fun, fact-based lyrics to make learning easy.

Maria started writing the first Friends in the Garden song after a honey bee hive inspection at a community garden she was managing. That first song, “Beez Beez”, just tumbled out of her and she suddenly realized that she could create songs to help kids (and adults) explore the wonderful world of organic vegetable gardening. She combined her years of experience developing and managing youth gardening and garden education programs, singer/songwriting skills, and a Master’s degree in public health.

She has been performing funk, pop, rock, jazz, Latin, country, and blues for almost twenty years. Friends in the Garden uses something from nearly every room in her house of music. Maria set out to expose kids (and their parents) to a variety of authentic musical genres and she wanted her young listeners to hear real instruments played by masterful musicians.

Maria currently performs in Atlanta, GA singing jazz standards in her unique and captivating style. She also “edutains” kids with Friends in the Garden music at various events and parties. She is an active member of the American Public Health Association and holds a national Public Health Educator certification. Her plans for Friends in the Garden include a graphic novel and other teaching tools.

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