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Songs That Teach Study Skills
and Test-Taking Strategies

These study skills song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Answer Every Question! - Ben Stiefel
Do Your Best! - Marla Lewis
Do Your Homework When You Get Home Today - Ben Stiefel
Good Way to Learn - Songs for Positive Schools
Hocus Pocus Focus - Cathy Bollinger
Homework First, Playtime Second! - Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
I'm Rested, Energized and Ready - Ben Stiefel
I've Got the Tools that I Need to Succeed - Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
Make Reading a Habit - Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
No-one Here Does Copying - Songs For Positive Schools
Organize Rap - Musically Aligned
Pace Yourself - Ben Stiefel
Proofread Your Homework Before You Turn It In! - Ben Stiefel
Stack-Up, Pack-Up, Trash-Up - Kenny Hood
Super Student - Tuned In To Learning
Take Another Look at Your Toughest Problems - Ben Stiefel
The Test-Ready Rap - Musically Aligned
Test Taking Chant #1 - Jack Hartmann
Test Taking Chant #2 - Jack Hartmann
Take Notes - Marla Lewis
Try Again - Ken Whiteley
Wall of Fame! (Write Your Name On Your Paper) - Cherry Carl

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