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E-X-T-E-N-D-I-N-G Songs as Teaching Supplements
Sue Fenton

From Sue Fenton's You Played a Song. Now What?

Use songs as stepping stones to enrichment topics and for vocabulary expansion. Songs will often have references that beg to be explored. Do so while you have the students’ attention.
       Investigate further: 
           ● the life of the songwriter.
           ● bios of any real people mentioned in a song.
           ● the period in history and events that are mentioned.
           ● aspects of civilization and culture (art, food, etc.)
           ● terms or phrases used, music styles, or dialects.
           ● the background of a folk song and legends.
           ● real-world places and institutions cited in the songs.
           ● the details of a scientific process.

Using Songs as a Basis for Enrichment Activities

      Share with the students:
           ● related proverbs, quotes, sayings
           ● song word stories and anecdotes
           ● recipes, instructions, documents
           ● visuals like maps, portraits, short video segments, pictures of song elements
           ● show objects, artifacts, souvenirs

Use Music as a Basis for Classroom Experiments

      Try things mentioned in songs. Conduct demonstrations.

Develop and Practice Language Skills with Songs

      Use songs to expand language. Focus on elements like:
           ♪ specific parts of speech (prepositions, adjectives, etc.)
           ♪ categories of vocabulary (food, transportation, etc.)
           ♪ words which have antonyms.
           ♪ words which have synonyms.
           ♪ expressions & phrases that stem from verbs in a song.
           ♪ nouns with many meanings or phrases. 
           ♪ sentence patterns.

This page is excerpted from Sue Fenton's You Played a Song. NOW What?

You Played a Song. NOW What? 
A Survival Guide for Using Songs in the Classroom 
Sue Fenton, M.Ed.

       Songs are extraordinary learning tools, but teachers may stop after playing them a few times, not knowing what else to do. They may not be squeezing all the potential out of songs to maximize their impact on learning.        
       Teacher Sue Fenton offers hundreds of creative ideas that help you incorporate the multiple intelligences with the enjoyment of music to create an exciting learning atmosphere in your classroom.
       Sue shows you how to engage students and create an active learning atmosphere using music. This comprehensive resource is adaptable to any subject and to learners of all ages. She shares creative ideas for     
       ● Creating your own “play list” and getting ready
       ● Props, visuals, instruments, mikes, song fashions, “sets”
       ● Dozens of ways for singing a song differently each time
       ● Activities to practice language and concepts in a song
       ● Paired speaking, imitative writing, projects, listening, mime,.simulations, music videos, performances, staged photos, songwriting, dramatizations, creative writing, movement, dance, skits, parodies, impersonations, and much more.

       This 60-page booklet is loaded with hundreds of ideas for getting the most out of using music in your classroom.

Book excerpt © 2004. Susan M. Fenton. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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