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Reindeer Shuffle
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Susan Harrison

This song is available on Susan Harrison's Jungle Jamboree

Fields full of flowers, fogs on the roof,
Over in the meadow, Rudy’s high on the hoof.
This is the way the deer start their day,
Have a little fun, dance, swing and play!

They do the reindeer shuffle, the reindeer shuffle
With a tappity, tap toe, they really gotta go
And do the reindeer shuffle, whoa oh oh.

Other deer wanted to learn how to hoof,
Rudy said, “Follow me, we’ll hoof on the roof.”
All the deer shouted out with glee, “What do we do first, Rudy”?

You do the reindeer shuffle, the reindeer shuffle,
Tappity tap toe come here and let me show yaw.
The reindeer shuffle, whoa oh oh.
Heel, toe, heel toe, turn around, around we go
Come on now, heel, toe, heel, toe, hop, kick, away we go.
To do the reindeer shuffle, reindeer shuffle
Tappity, tap toe, we really gotta go to do
The reindeer shuffle whoa, oh oh.

Now some say to this very day,
If you get up bright and early you can see the deer play.
Over in the meadow and high on the roof,
Rudy and friends are kicking high with their hooves.
Hoofin’ here and hoofin’ there,
Tappin’ their toes and kicking the air.

Doing the reindeer shuffle, the reindeer shuffle,
Tappity, tap toe, they really gotta go.
Tappity tap toe, shuffle off to Buffalo.
Tappity tap toe, everybody in the know
Is doing the reindeer shuffle whoa oh oh.



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Many thanks to Susan Harrison for permission to display these lyrics.
© PALamusic. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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