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Tips for Teachers
How to Incorporate Music into Teaching and Lesson Plans.

Transitions with Young Children
       Margie La Bella

Making Multicultural Instruments
       Daria's Instructions for Making Cajons, Shekeres, Didgeradoos and Rain Sticks.

The P.R.I.Z.E. Method of Teaching Songs and Chants
       Charlotte Diamond shows to to make songs educational and interactive.

You Played a Song... NOW What?
       Sue Fenton, M.Ed. presents suggestions for getting the most out of songs in the classroom.
       Using Visuals with Music in the Classroom
       E-X-T-E-N-D-I-N-G Songs as Teaching Supplements
       How to Keep Your Students' Interest with Repeated Playings of Music

Ten Ways to Help Kids Become Enthusiastic Learners through Music
by Patricia Shih

Tunes for Tasks:
       Michelle Lazar, MT-BC shows how to create your own songs to enhance early childhood activities and transitions.

Using Melodic Music Lyrics to Teach a Target Language
       Tom Blodget, M.A.

Transition Tips and Tricks from "Dr. Jean" Feldman
      Color Chant
      Creative Variations for Singing the ABCs and Chanting the Alphabet
      Jukebox: Selecting Songs for Classroom Transitions
      Mystery Person: Language Experience Approach Activity
      Oral Language Circle Time Activity
      Participation Story
      Tidy-Up Transitions

Discipline in the General Music Class
      Ben Stiefel

Teaching Social Skills to Children
      Cathy Bollinger

Rich Allen on "Using Music to Create a Dynamic Learning Environment"
      Music as One of Your Classroom Strategies
      A Cornucopia of Useful Points Regarding Music

Sonja Dunn on "The How and Why of Chanting"
      Just What Is A Chant?
      Chanting: A Springboard into Learning
      Dramatic Possibilities With Chants
      Encouraging Students to Write Their Own Chants

Ideas For Writing Stories
      Bill Harley offers creative suggestions for designing writing prompts.

Using Shakers to Teach Important Concepts and
Changing Tempo to Keep Children's Attention and
Fridays: Celebrating the Week's End in Song
      Rachel Rambach

Implementing Music in the Classroom
      Eric Jensen discusses guidelines for the practical use of music.

Music: The Key to Learning
      Josh Ledbetter

Musical Picture Books: Compiled by Joanie Calem
      Books That Are Actually Songs
      Books That Have Wonderfully Rhythmic Texts
      Books To Add Percussion Instruments To!
      Books About The Musical Experience, Or To Accompany Musical Pieces!

"Pass the Microphone, Please"
      Marianne Morin shows how she uses karaoke to generate enthusiasm.

Picture-Song Storybooks:
      Picture-Song Storybooks: Including Expository, Traditional, and Raffi Songs
      More Picture-Song Storybooks: Including Pop-Up and Motown Songs
      Picture-Song Storybooks for Babies and Toddlers: Regina Newlin

Using Alliterative Songs to Teach Letter Sounds
      Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

Reading and Writing With Song
      How you can get the most out of the resources in this site.

The "ReWrite" Strategy: Using Music to Teach Content-Area Subjects
      Regina Newlin

The Road to Literacy
      Teacher/Musician Greg Whitfield on the importance of teaching letter sounds.

Teaching Children to Listen for Initial Letter Sounds
      Jim Gill

Write Your Own Songs!
      Regina Newlin

Books With Rhyme, Alliteration, and Other Word Play
      Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

The Directed Reading Using Music Activity
      Regina Newlin

African-American History in Song
      Jenny Heitler-Klevans, Two of a Kind

iPod®/MP3 Player or CD Player?
      Jerrilyn Stover, M.A

Should You Play Background Music During Active Learning?
      Background music, the "Mozart Effect," and setting a classroom mood.

Using Fingerplays for Educational Purposes
      Music with Mar.

Multiplication Skip-Counting Games
      Joyce Paultre

Teaching Children Not to Tease and
Teaching Good Eating Habits and
Cough and Sneeze Into Your Elbows! and
Teaching Kids to Appreciate the Small Things in Life
      Caroline Figiel

Lesson Plans

Musical Vocabulary Links: Learning by Association and Repetition
      Betsy B. Lee, Ed.S. shows how to use songs like The Star-Spangled Banner to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Using Music to Build Phonemic Awareness
      Laura Woodall and Brenda Ziembroski

The Underground Railroad
      Regina Newlin

Teaching Simple Machines and Newtonian Mechanics
      David Vernot

Learning from Lyrics/Music & Society
      The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

Tap Your Feet
      Provided by MENC in partnership with PBS on teachervision.com

Musical-ESL Lesson Plan Ideas
      Suzanne L. Medina's E.S.L. Through Music





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