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Aboard A Train

James Coffey

This song is available on James Coffey's Come Ride Along With Me.

Come Along 
It’s Time For Us To Travel 
To A Place That Is Far Away
To Yesterday

Hear The Whistle Blow 
And Now It’s Time For Us To Go Without Delay
We’re On Our Way

Move Down The Tracks
Sailing Along With The Wind At Our Backs
Pass By The Cities, The Houses And Shacks
Grabbing Ahold Of A Memory From The Past

Journey Through The Countryside, 
The Great Divide, 
The Rocky Shores Maine
Aboard A Train
Rolling By The Mountains 
And The Valleys 
And The Wide-Open Plains
Through Fields Of Grain

An American Dream
Caught In A Era Of Fire, Smoke And Steam
Traveling Along
By The Cool Mountain Streams
Climb All Aboard For A Magical Railway Ride
Aboard A Train
Aboard A Train
Aboard A Train


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Many thanks to James Coffey for permission to display these lyrics.
© James Coffey. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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