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I'm Truckin'
James Coffey

This song is available on James Coffey's Lots & Lots of Trucks.

I earn my pay driving night and day
Traveling from town to town
Coffee shops And Old Truck Stops
Don't Ever Get Me Down
I Hear The Engine Roar And
I'm Out The Door And
Headed Back Down The Road
The Only Thing You'll Find Ever On My
Mind Is Delivering My Load

I'm truckin'...I’m truckin'
I'm truckin'...I’m truckin'
On down the line

The highway signs and painted lines,
They keep me company
My tailpipe burnin' and my wheels a
Turnin' is the only life for me
I realize in some people's eyes,
I may be just a fool
'Cause I long for the feel of my
Hands on the wheel and
The smell of diesel fuel


It's time to go turn on the radio
And get my rig in gear
The countryside goes flyin' by
Like a movie in my rearview mirror
With the road below and my trailer
In tow I’m back on the road again
And every mile, just for a while, I’m
Free as the blowin' wind



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Many thanks to James Coffey for permission to display these lyrics.
© James Coffey. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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