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Presidents of the United States

Educational Songs for Presidents' Day and for American History Lessons
Presidents Day is observed on the third Monday of February

Celebrate Presidents' Day!
Whether you need songs about the United States Presidents or American Heroes you'll find a varied selection below. These Presidents' Day Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These Presidents' Day Songs and Lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

The 43 Presidents Song– Tim Pacific
Abe Lincoln– Sharon Luanne Rivera
Abraham– Sam Jones
Abraham Lincoln– Dr. Jean & Friends
Abraham Lincoln– Kathleen Wiley
Abraham Lincoln for President– Musical Media for Education
All Across The Land (Abraham Lincoln)– Jonathan Sprout
Dear Mr. President– Bobby Susser
Do You Know the President– Kiboomu Kids Songs
The Freedom Three– Curriculum Rocks!
FDR – MindMuzic
George Washington– Andrew C. Germain
Hail to the Chief (Instrumental)
Heads or Tails– Gary Rosen
Heroes, Heroes, We Love Heroes!– Sharon Luanne Rivera
Honest Abe– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Honest Abe– Musical Media for Education
The Lesser Knowns – Janine Cooper Ayers
A Lincoln Portrait – US Military Band
Man in the Arena (Theodore Roosevelt)– Jonathan Sprout
John F. Kennedy– Sharon Luanne Rivera
Lincoln's Second Inaugural– Musical Media for Education
Obama!– Janine Cooper Ayers
Presidential Boogie– Janine Cooper Ayers
Presidential Quotes– Janine Cooper Ayers
President's Duties– MindMuzic
Remember the Presidents– Janine Cooper Ayers
The Presidents– Dr. Jean & Friends
President's Day– Dr. Jean & Friends
Teddy Roosevelt– Kathleen Wiley
Thomas Jefferson– Sharon Luanne Rivera
US Presidents– MindMuzic
Washington– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Washington's Hat– Jonathan Sproutte the Presidents– Barbara Speicher
What He Wrote (Thomas Jefferson)– Jonathan Sprout

Musical Plays to teach Social Studies & American History
13 Colonies- Bad Wolf Press
13 Colonies- Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution- Bad Wolf Press
American Symbols- Bad Wolf Press
European Explorers in the New World- Bad Wolf Press
Gold Dust or Bust- Bad Wolf Press
Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive- Bad Wolf Press
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Bad Wolf Press
The Story of America: A Classroom Musical - Lauren Mayer
U.S. Constitution: A Reality Show- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Presidents- Bad Wolf Press

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