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Think for Yourself
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's Walk A Mile.

Listen now, we're telling you,
You should dress a little more like we do!
And we've got the hairstyle for you,
You'll look just like us before we're through!

If I do everything people say,
It's like I'm giving my life away!

Think for yourself, don't have to go with the crowd!
(No, no, no, not every time)
Think for yourself, you know you're allowed!
(Oooh yeah!)
Think for yourself, I'm telling you now!
(Oh oh you're telling me now that if you)
Think for yourself, you're gonna feel proud!

Listen now, we're in a jam,
You've gotta help us cheat on Friday's exam!
And there's this kid we don't like, so you've
Gotta make sure you don't like him too!
I've got my own mind, I've got my own voice,
I've got the chance to make my own choice!


Listen now, don't be a fool,
Here's a cigarette, gonna help you look cool!
Just relax, we'll tell you what to think,
What to smoke and what to drink!

You can call me a chicken, say I'm no fun,
But I won't make choices I know are dumb!


Think think, think for yourself...
I'm gonna think for myself,
Nobody's gonna think for me.
I'm gonna think for myself!




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Many thanks to Jan Nigro and Vitamin L for permission to publish these lyrics.
© 1991 Jaminination Music BMI. Used with permission.

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