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Talking Tornado Blues
Song for Teaching about Tornadoes
Joan Maute, Ed.D.

This song is available on Joan Maute's Stormin' All Over: Tornadoes.

Now I'm a tornado and I'm sorry to say
That I'm misunderstood both night and day.
So I'd like a chance to state my case
And clear up some stories that are way off base:

Like exploding houses,
Selective damage,
Tornado alley
And all tornadoes are bad.

Some people say I make houses explode
But it's usually the wind, I want you to know
It's not the pressure as many think that wrecks some houses a quick as a wink,
Winds can rip houses apart they come in one way and go out the other.

Did you ever see that path a tornado makes, some things are destroyed while others just shake?.....


Tornado alley is supposed to be the only place.....


In any state or time.....


There's just one more thing I'd like to discuss
It's that killer image you have of us......

But a lot of us never hurt a thing,.....

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Many thanks to Joan Maute, Ed.D. for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Joan Maute, Ed.D. -- Studio 2. All rights reserved. Used with permission..

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