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Writing Skills and Motivation Songs

Encouraging Creative and Strategic Writers

Grammar Songs

These writing strategy songs are available from a variety of albums:

Songs that Encourage Enthusiastic and Creative Writers
Express Yourself – Lauren Mayer
Take Pride When You Write – Jennifer Fixman
Writers Block – Jennifer Fixman

Songs that Teach Writing Strategies
A Friendly Letter – Learning by Song
Action Verbs – Songs of Writing
Clarification Writing – Mary Pat Nydahl: Believers and Achievers
Check for Proper Conventions – Jennifer Fixman
Choose a Big Idea – Jennifer Fixman
Colorful Words – Jennifer Fixman
Descriptive Writing – Mary Pat Nydahl: Believers and Achievers
Editor's Checklist – Learning by Song
Everybody Has a Story – Tickle Tune Typhoon
First, Next, Then, Last – Jennifer Fixman
Grammar Rapper – Dennis Westphall
The Leads I Use – Songs of Writing
Main Ideas, Supporting Details, Wrap-Up – Jennifer Fixman
Onomatopoeia Alphabet – Jack Hartmann
The Silly Pirate Song (Sequencing) – Jack Hartmann
Who Will Your Character Be? – Jennifer Fixman

Warm-Up Song for the Writing of Personal Narratives
Everybody Has a Story – Tickle Tune Typhoon
I Like the Me I See – Culture Queen
Tell Me Your Story – Two of a Kind

Songs that Teach Essay Writing & Professional Writing
Descriptive Essay – MindMuzic
Research Paper Elements – MindMuzic
Resumes and Applications – MindMuzic

Writing Prompts Worksheets for Classic Children's Songs
Writing Prompts

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