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Graduation Songs

and Songs Suitable for School Graduation Day

These school graduation songs are available from a variety of albums. Songs with stars have additional sing-along backing tracks and/or sheet music available for purchase.

          A Bright Tomorrow  – Laszlo Slomovits
          Building Our World  – Joe Crone 
          Celebrate  – Debbie Clement
          Chasing My Dream – Jack Hartmann
          Endurance  – Jan Nigro 
          Graduation Song  – Ron Brown 
          How Can You Make Your Dreams Come True?  – Graduation Complete 
          I Didn't Give Up  – Rock Solid Kids 
          Kids Are The Future– Skip West
          Life's Lessons  – Marla Lewis   
          Lifelong Learners  – Marla Lewis 
          One Small Voice  – Jack Hartmann 
          Open the Fear Door  – Rock Solid Kids 
          Our Alma Mater  – Graduation Complete 
          Step Into the Future On Graduation Day  – Graduation Complete 
          Thank You, Parents  – Andrea Moon
          Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future– Music with Mar.
          Touch The Future  – Jim Rule
          We Can Move the World – Joe Crone
          Who's In Charge of Me? -- I Am!  – Rock Solid Kids 
          With These Hands  – Jan Nigro
          The Year Is Over  – Music with Mar.

Instrumental Graduation Songs
          Pomp and Circumstance  – Graduation Complete

Inspirational Graduation Songs with Religious Themes 
   (Appropriate for Most Religious Faiths)
          Anything is Possible – Todd Werner
          Good-Bye Means "God Be With You"  – Jim Rule
          Gratitude is an Attitude – Jim Rule
          He Opens a Window – Jim Rule
          I Am With God  – Rock Solid Kids 
          Serve the Lord with Joy – Jim Rule

Graduation Song Lyrics (With Chords) for Kindergarten Graduations
          Graduation from Kindergarten- Mary Flynn 
          This is the Time We Graduate!- Mary Flynn

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