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Lie, Lay, Lain
Jean Lersch


Sing to the tune of Three Blind Mice:

Lie, lay, lain,
Lie, lay, lain,

That's how it goes;
that's how it goes.

Today I lie if I want to rest,
but yesterday I lay down in my nest.
And often times I have lain, I attest,
it's lie, lay, lain.

Present tense: lie
Past tense: lay
Past participle: lain

And now the other
Lay, laid, laid,
lay, laid, laid,

That's how it goes;
that's how it goes.

When in my hand I will lay it down.
I had it last week and I laid it down.
So often before I have laid it here,
it's lay, laid, laid.

Present tense: lay
Past tense: laid
Past Participle: laid


Many thanks to Jean Lersch for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jean Lersch. All rights reserved. Used with permission.