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Language Arts Songs

English Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Grammar Songs

These grammar, punctuation and spelling songs are available from a variety of albums:

Grammar Songs - General
     4 Kinds of Sentences – Kathleen Wiley
     10 Grammar Rules Song– Tim Pacific
     A Simple Sentence– Music with Mar.
     Complete & Incomplete Sentences Square Dance– Music with Mar.
     Editor's Checklist– Learning by Song
     Grammar Rapper– Dennis Westphall
     The Language Police– Joe Crone
     Parts of Speech Rap– Learning by Song
     The Very Basic Grammar Song– Tim Pacific

Parts of Speech

     Move For A Proper Noun– Music with Mar.
     Nouns– Jack Hartmann
     Nouns– Ron Brown
     Nouns– Music with Mar.

     The 36 Prepositions Song– Tim Pacific
     Action Verbs– Jack Hartmann
     Action Verbs– Songs of Writing
     Am Is Are Was Were–Katherine Dines
     The Ballad of Joey Bon Bon and Fuzzy Boo Boo– Brainchildren!
     Helper Verbs– Learning by Song
     King Verb– Jim Thompson
     Lucky Socks– Brainchildren!
     Phrasal Verbs and the Imperative– Learning English Through Song
     The Verb Game– Music with Mar.
     The Verb Rap Song– Earth Tone Enterprises

     An Adjective Describes A Noun– David East
     Adjectives– Kathleen Wiley
     Adjectives– Ron Brown
     The Secret Thing (This Is My Frog!)– Brainchildren!

     Adverbs– Songs of Writing
     How Can I Move With Adverbs?– Music with Mar.

     Pronoun Promenade– Katherine Dines
     Pronoun Rap– Learning by Song
     Pronouns– Music with Mar.
     Pronouns in the Park– Brainchildren!
     Pump the Pronouns– Music with Mar.

     Henry, King of Prepositions– Brainchildren!
     Prepositions– David East
     Prepositions– Kathleen Wiley
     Prepositions– Jennifer Fixman
     Prepositions– Learning by Song
     To, With and By– The Reading Dog Band

   Articles & Conjunctions
     "A" and "An"– Jennifer Fixman
     The Function of a Conjunction– Music with Mar.

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, etc.
     Antonyms– Ron Brown
     Homonyms– Kathleen Wiley
     The Homonym Game (Hip Hop Rap)– Earth Tone
     Homophones– Ron Brown
     Metaphors– Kathleen Wiley
     Synanthomographs– Katherine Dines
     Synonyms – Kathleen Wiley
     Synonym Shake– Music with Mar.

Punctuation Songs (Including Contractions)
     Comma Rules Song– Tim Pacific
     Hey Mama, When Do You Use A Comma? – Kathleen Wiley
     Let Your Body Be a Punctuation Mark– Jack Hartmann
     Let's PPPPunctuate– Katherine Dines
     Pay Attention to Punctuation– Jack Hartmann
     Punctuation Marks– Music with Mar.
     Punctuation Rap– Earth Tone
     Punctuation Mark March– Music with Mar.
     Reading Question Song– Jack Hartmann
     The Sentence Song– Jennifer Fixman
     Use a Comma– Learning by Song

     A Contraction Has An Apostrophe– Jennifer Fixman
     Contractions n't – Kathleen Wiley
     Contractions– Mr. R's Songs

Upper Case & Lower Case
     Capitals– Joe Crone
     Every sentence begins with a capital letter!– Marla Lewis
     State Your Case– Music, Movement & Magination

Compound Words
     Compound Word Wiz– Jennifer Fixman
     Compound Word Oom Pah Pah– Music with Mar.
     Compound Words– Mr. R's Songs That Teach
     Compound Word Workout– Jack Hartmann
     Last Word– Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp

Spelling, Vowels and Word Recognition Songs
     AI-AY– Ron Brown
     (AR) Bossy R– Ron Brown
     AW– Ron Brown
     A Base Word is the Basic Word– Jennifer Fixman
     A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable– Jennifer Fixman
     Apples and Bananas– Mr. R's Songs That Teach
     Spelling the "aw" Sound– Fun Phonics Songs
     Beginning Blends– Jennifer Fixman
     Build a Word– Jennifer Fixman
     Double Consonants– Jennifer Fixman
     Double the Final Consonant– Ron Brown
     Drop the E and Add Ing– Kathleen Wiley
     Drop That "e"– Ron Brown
     The -ed Suffix– Jennifer Fixman
     EE– Ron Brown
     ER-IR-UR– Ron Brown
     Spelling the Long "E" Sound (ee and ea)– Fun Phonics Songs
     Fiddle With A Word (Prefixes)– Ron Brown
     Figure Words Out– Jack Hartmann
     Go, Go, Vowels– Music with Mar.
     IGH– Ron Brown
     _ight– Jennifer Fixman
     Hello Neighbor, I'm a Farmer (Plural Forms)
         – Songs For Speech and Language Skills
     -le, -el, -al, -il– Jennifer Fixman
     Letter Blender– Music, Movement & Magination
     Long Vowel Sounds– Jennifer Fixman
     March and Spell– Ron Brown
     MMM Color Farm (spelling colors)– Music, Movement & Magination
     OA– Ron Brown
     OI-OY– Ron Brown
     Past Tense Tricks– Jennifer Fixman
     Phonogram Funk– Jennifer Fixman
     Plurals– Jennifer Fixman
     R-Controlled Vowels– Jennifer Fixman
     Prefixes and Suffixes– Jennifer Fixman
     SH– Ron Brown
     Short Vowels – Kathleen Wiley
     Silent "e"– Ron Brown
     Silent Letters– Jennifer Fixman
     Spelling Colors– Music with Mar.
     Spelling the Tough Ones– Ron Brown
     Suffix (-ed)– Ron Brown
     TH– Ron Brown
     That Magic "E"– Jennifer Fixman
     TION / SION (The "shun" Sound)– Ron Brown
     Spelling "TION" and "SION"– Fun Phonics Songs
     Vowel Jamboree– Liz Buchanan
     Vowel Power– Music with Mar.
     Word Families– Liz Buchanan
     Workout with a Family of Words– Jack Hartmann

Language Arts Musical Plays
     Grammarosaurus– Ron Fink and John Heath
     Pirates From Grammar Island– Ron Fink and John Heath

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