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Vowel Songs

Teaching Long, Short, and Variant Vowel Sounds
Vowel Sounds

These vowel sound songs are available from a variety of albums:

Vowel Songs
A E I O U – Stephen Fite
Apples and Bananas (the long vowels) – Dan Crow
A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable – Jennifer Fixman
Funny Rhymes (Long Vowels) – Ron Brown
Long Vowel Songs – Jennifer Fixman
The "-ock" Phonogram – Phonics Songs: Short Vowels
Short Vowels – Kathleen Wiley
Sounds of the Alphabet – Marilyn M. Linford
Vowel Blues – Liz Buchanan
The Vowel Family –Cathy Bollinger
The Vowel Jamboree – Liz Buchanan
The Vowel Song – Unknown
Vowel Sound Hound Dogs 1 – Jack Hartmann
Vowel Sound Samba – Jack Hartmann
Vowels: A E I O U and Sometimes Y – Felice Green, Ed.M.
What's That Sound? (Short Vowels) – Ron Brown

Phonics Songs for Individual Vowel Sounds


Aa – Greg Whitfield
A is for Apple – Rachel Rambach
The Bag (the short a sound) – Dan Crow
The Long Vowel "ai" Sound – Fun Phonics Songs
The Long Vowel "-ate" Sound – Phonics Songs: Long Vowels
Pooh Bakes a Cake (the long a sound) – Dan Crow


A Snoozle for a pet (the short e sound) – Dan Crow
Ee – Greg Whitfield
The Long Vowel "e" Sound – Fun Phonics Songs
Sneeze in Threes (the long e sound) – Dan Crow


A Very Wide Pooh (the long i sound) – Dan Crow
Ii – Greg Whitfield
The Tiggership (the short i sound) – Dan Crow

Eeyore's Cold Nose (the long o sound) – Dan Crow


Oo – Greg Whitfield
Pooh's Honey Pot (the short o sound) – Dan Crow


A Heffalump Hunt (the short u sound) – Dan Crow
A Tune for June (the long u sound) – Dan Crow
Uu – Greg Whitfield

"r-controlled" Vowels
R-Controlled Vowels – Jennifer Fixman
Rock and Roll Star – Fun Phonics Songs

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