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Phonics Songs that Teach the Alphabet and Individual Letter Sounds
Songs That Build Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

These Phonics lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Learning the ABCs & Letter Sounds
A-B-C – Patty Shukla
ABC-123 – MindMuzic
The ABC Rap – The Gum Rappers
ABC Song – Kiboomu Music
Act Out the Alphabet – Jack Hartmann
The Alphabet Chant – Super Simple Songs
The Alphabet's in My Mouth – Dr. Jean
A is for Ant – Timmmy Abell
Alphabet Song – Marla Lewis
Alphabet Limbo – Stephen Fite
The Alphabet Song – Super Simple Songs
The Alphabet Song (ABC) -- Slow Version – Margie La Bella
Alphardy – Dr. Jean
Dog Alphabet Song – Grin Brigade
Frontwards, Backwards ABCs – Stephanie Burton
Forwards Backwards ABCs – Stephen Fite
Hands Up for Letter Sounds – Jack Hartmann
I Know My Alphabets – Ahjay Stelino
I Like Letters – Music, Movement & Magination
I've Been Working On My Letters – Cherry Carl
Let's Alphabecise – Stephen Fite
Lettercise – Dr. Jean
The Letter Dance – Dr. Jean
Letter Line Up – Jack Hartmann
Letter Pops – Dr. Jean
Letter Sounds – Stephen Fite
Letter Tales – Dr. Jean
Magic Letters – Debbie Paulsen
Phon-ercise – Dr. Jean
Rappin' the ABC's – Music, Movement & Magination
S-Superhero – Margot Bevington
The Sounds of Our Letters – Music with Mar.
Supersonic Letter Sounds – Stephen Fite
Twinkle ABCs – Kathleen Rushing
Yahoo! We're Learning the Alphabet – Music, Movement & Magination
Who Knows the Alphabet Sounds – Music, Movement & Magination
Who Let the Letters Out – Dr. Jean

Alliteration Lyrics for a Variety of Alphabet Letter Sounds
Amen and Achoo – Kelly Good
Bitty Bi Bo Bu – Dr. Jean
Dinosaurs to Dinner – Fran Avni
Chimmy Cha-Cha – Liz Buchanan
Echo the Letter Sounds – Jack Hartmann
Favorite Letter – Patty Shukla
Letter Sounds A to Z – Jack Hartmann
Mr. Muphy's Most Amazing Super Savings Store – Vincent Nunes
Musical Movement Alphabet – Music with Mar.
My Name Starts With a Letter – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni
Pineapple – Fran Avni
Sounds of the Alphabet – Marilyn M. Linford
We're Going to the Farm – Music, Movement & Magination
Words! – Ron Brown

Teaching the Shapes and Heights of Letters
Cheering Letters – Dr. Jean
Drawing in the Air – Music with Mar.
I Like Letters – Music, Movement & Magination
Letter Aerobics – Dr. Jean
Move to the Alphabet – Jack Hartmann
Shapes Make Letters (Part 1) – Music with Mar.

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Digraphs, Blends, and Diphthongs
See our Songs that Teach Letter Blends, Digraphs, and Diphthongs

B - (Basic Music Beat) – Music with Mar.
Bb – Greg Whitfield
Bananas – Patty Shukla
Big Bagels – Kelly Good
Bite for B – Intelli-Tunes
Bring Back the Bat – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

C - (Celtic) – Music with Mar.
Cc – Greg Whitfield
Crawl for C – Intelli-Tunes

D - (Disco) – Music with Mar.
Dd – Greg Whitfield
Dance for D – Intelli-Tunes

F - (Folk) – Music with Mar.
Ff – Greg Whitfield
Flip for F – Intelli-Tunes
The Frosty Fable (the f sound) – Dan Crow

G - (Gospel) – Music with Mar.
Gg – Greg Whitfield
Gentle Giraffe – Marla Lewis
Get Your Own Goat – Fran Avni
Grin for G – Intelli-Tunes

H - (Hawaiian) – Music with Mar.
Hh – Greg Whitfield
Hop for H – Intelli-Tunes

J - (Jazz) – Music with Mar.
Jack the Giant (soft G and J sound) – Dan Crow
Jj – Greg Whitfield
Jump for J – Intelli-Tunes
Jump for Jesus – Kelly Good

K - (Klezmer) – Music with Mar.
The "K" Club – Greg Whitfield
Kid in Kalamazoo – Kelly Good
Kiss for K – Intelli-Tunes
Kiss the Cow (hard C and K sound) – Dan Crow

I Love My Pillow (the l sound) – Dan Crow
L - (Lullaby) – Music with Mar.
Ll – Greg Whitfield
Lick for L – Intelli-Tunes
Licking Lollipops – Songs for Speech and Language Skills
Lola the Lonely Llama – Kelly Good

I Love Foods that Start with "M" – Marla Lewis
M - (Merengue) – Music with Mar.
Mm – Greg Whitfield
March for M – Intelli-Tunes
Monkey Say, Monkey Do – Jack Hartmann
Muffin Mix – Fran Avni
No More Gum (the m sound) – Dan Crow

N - (New Age) – Music with Mar.
Nn – Greg Whitfield
Nine Naughty Newts – Kelly Good
Wiggle Your Nose for N – Intelli-Tunes

OOPS! (the p sound) – Dan Crow
P - (Polka) – Music with Mar.
Pp – Greg Whitfield
Percy the Pirate – Kelly Good
Point for P – Intelli-Tunes

Q - (Quanho) – Music with Mar.
Qq – Greg Whitfield
Quitet Q for Q – Intelli-Tunes

R - (Reggaton) – Music with Mar.
Rain Rain Rain (the r sound) – Dan Crow
Rr – Greg Whitfield
Rock and Roll – Kelly Good
Rock and Roll Star – Fun Phonics Songs
Run for R – Intelli-Tunes
The Ballad of Rueben Rooster (the r sound) – Dan Crow
Vroom Goes the Red Race Car – Patty Shukla

S - (Soul) – Music with Mar.
Seven Silly Squirrels – Fran Avni
Ss – Greg Whitfield
Sleep for S – Intelli-Tunes
Soup! Soup! Soup! (the s sound) – Dan Crow

T - (Tango) – Music with Mar.
Time To Take Time (the t sound) – Dan Crow
Tiptoe for T – Intelli-Tunes
Tt – Greg Whitfield
Timmy – Kelly Good

Make a V for V – Intelli-Tunes
V - (Vaudville) – Music with Mar.
Vv – Greg Whitfield

One Wet Windy Wednesday – Fran Avni
W - (Western Swing) – Music with Mar.
Walk for W – Intelli-Tunes
Ww – Greg Whitfield

Make the Sound for X – Intelli-Tunes
X - (Xhosa) – Music with Mar.
Xx – Greg Whitfield
eXiting – Kelly Good

Y - (Yass) – Music with Mar.
Yay for Y – Intelli-Tunes
Yy – Greg Whitfield
Yoshi the Yellow Yak – Kelly Good

Z - (Zydeco) – Music with Mar.
Zz – Greg Whitfield
Zip Your Lip for Z – Intelli-Tunes

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