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Song for Practicing Phoneme Manipulation
Fran Avni

This song is performed on Fran Avni's Little Ears: 27 Songs For Reading Readiness.

This song is also performed on Fran Avni's I'm All Ears: Sing Into Reading.

Penny's got a pineapple. (Pass a piece, please)
Benny's got a bineapple. (Beautiful)
Denny's got a dineapple. (Delicious)
Make that apple mine. M-m-m-m yum!

Jenny's got a jineapple. (Just juicy)
Fenny's got a fineapple. (Fantastic)
Senny's got a sineapple. (Sensational)
Make that apple mine. M-m-m-m yum!

Tineapple, tasty and terrific.
Vineapple, very very velvety.
Wineapple, wow! It's wonderful.
Make that apple mine. M-m-m-m yum!

Renny's got a rineapple. (Red and rosy)
Henny's got a hineapple. (How heavenly)
Lenny's got a lineapple. (Luscious)
Make that apple mine. M-m-m-m yum!


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Many thanks to Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni for permission to publish these lyrics.
Words and music © Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni. All rights reserved.

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