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Songs That Build Phonological Awareness
(Including Phonemic Awareness)

These phonemic awareness songs are available from a variety of albums:

Concepts of Words and Syllables
      Animal Hand-Clap Rap– Liz Buchanan
      The Apes, The Monkeys and The Chimpanzees– Vincent Nunes
      A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable– Jennifer Fixman
      Clap, Stomp & Chomp (Syllable Song)– Jack Hartmann
      Count and Move– Jack Hartmann
      Face to Face – Fran Avni
      Names in Motion– Jack Hartmann
      Just One Word– Fran Avni
      Onomatopoeia Alphabet– Jack Hartmann
      Syllable Song– Fran Avni and Nancy Schimmel

Recognition and Production of Rhymes
      Build a Word– Jennifer Fixman
      Do's and Don'ts– Fran Avni
      Exercise When We Rhyme– Jack Hartmann
      Funny Rhymes (Long Vowels) – Ron Brown
      Good for You– Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni
      I Gave That Bear A Rocking Chair– Vincent Nunes
      Make a Rhyme, Make a Move– Jack Hartmann
      Name Game– Fran Avni
      Random Rhymes– Fran Avni
      Rap, Clap and Rhyme– Jack Hartmann
      Rhyme and Move– Jack Hartmann
      Rhyme Riddles– Marla Lewis

      Rhyme Time– Fran Avni
      Rhyming Square Dance– Music with Mar.
      Stop When It Doesn't Rhyme– Music with Mar.

Word Families -- Phonograms -- Onsets and Rimes
      All Together– Jack Hartmann
      Family of Words– Jack Hartmann
      Let's Make Words– Jack Hartmann
      Let's Rhyme with the Animals– Ron Brown
      The Name Game– Jack Hartmann
      Random Rhymes– Fran Avni
      Rug in the Middle of the Room– Fran Avni
      Word Families– Liz Buchanan
      The Word Family Song– J.W. Snyder
      Words!– Ron Brown

Recognition, Segmenting, Blending, and Manipulation of
Phonemes and Syllables

      AI-AY– Ron Brown
      (AR) Bossy R – Ron Brown
      AW– Ron Brown
      Apples and Bananas- Traditional
      Bb– Greg Whitfield
      Beginning and Ending Sounds– Jennifer Fixman
      Beginning Blends– Jennifer Fixman
      Change It!– Music with Mar.
      Chunk It– Jack Hartmann
      Compound Word Wiz– Jennifer Fixman
      Compound Words– Mr. R's Songs That Teach
      Compound Word Workout– Jack Hartmann
      Digraph Dance– Jack Hartmann
      Down by the Track (Segmentation of Phonemes)– Nancy Schimmel / Fran Avni
      Drop It! (Phoneme Deletion) – Fran Avni
      EE– Ron Brown
      ER-IR-UR– Ron Brown
      Echo Game– Ron Brown
      Echo the Letter Sounds– Jack Hartmann
      Eemo Imo– Skip West
      Fiddle Around with the Middle Sound (Phoneme Substitution) – Fran Avni
      Hat and Cat– Fran Avni
      IGH– Ron Brown
      _ight– Jennifer Fixman
      I Lost a Sound (Deletion of Phonemes) – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni
      ING– Ron Brown
      Letter Blender– ABC's & Much More
      Letter Sounds A to Z– Jack Hartmann
      Miguel the Magic Monkey (Beginning Sounds) – Jack Hartmann
      OA– Ron Brown
      OI-OY– Ron Brown
      On Your Lap (Phoneme Addition and Blending)– Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avn
      Pp– Greg Whitfield
      Phonogram Funk– Jennifer Fixman
      Pineapple– Fran Avni
      SH– Ron Brown
      Sing an Echo Song– Margie La Bella
      Syllable Song– Fran Avni and Nancy Schimmel
      TH– Ron Brown
      Take a Word Apart – Fran Avni
      Tell Me All The Sounds– Liz Buchanan
      There's a Starfish Hidden Under My Bed– Fran Avni
      Tongue Twister– Fran Avni
      The Tongue Twister Song– The W.L.A. Children's Choir
      Tongue Twisters– Jack Hartmann
      Topsy Turvy (Phoneme Manipulation) – Fran Avni
      Who Knows the Alphabet Sounds?– ABC's & Much More

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