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Random Rhymes
Song for Teaching the Concept of Rhymes
Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

This song is performed on Fran Avni's Little Ears: 27 Songs For Reading Readiness.

There were ten men sitting in the den with Len
in the den, den, den with Len
When the clock struck ten in came Ken and Ben
And they all stood up and sat back down again

Ed led Ned to the kitchen with Ted
Where he fed them bread with red jam spread
Now it's time for sleep their mother said,
And she shook her head and went right back to bed

Dinga donga dinga donga ding dong dell
Zel fell down the wishing well
Mel and Nell ran off to tell
Michelle to ring the firebell


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Many thanks to Fran Avni for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Fran Avni. All rights reserved.

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