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Science Songs for Teaching
Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Physical Science and Earth Science


These science song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

General Science Songs
      2 Scientific Method Songs– Jack Hartmann
      The Bar Graph Dance– Science Maniacs
      Evidence and Inference– Science Maniacs
      The History of Scientific Discoveries– Science Maniacs
      It's Alive/Non-living– Music with Mar.
      Nature of Science– Musically Aligned
      Nature of Science– Professor Boggs
      Physical Property Sense– Musically Aligned
      Science Is– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Scientific Inquiry Rap– Allendale's Got Talent
      Scientific Method– Music with Mar.
      Scientific Method Blues– Kathleen Carroll
      The Scientific Method Blues– J.P. Taylor
      The Scientific Process– Jim Thompson
      Try Again– Ken Whiteley

Life Science Songs 
Biology & Zoology
      A Habitat– Learning by Song
      Adaptations– Musically Aligned
      All Around the Pond– Sam Jones
      Animal Shop (Vertebrates & Invertebrates)– Music with Mar.
      Animalia– J.P. Taylor
      Arachnids– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Arthropods– Science in Song
      Bats– Lyrical Life Science
      Bacteria– Lyrical Life Science
      Biomes– Lyrical Life Science
      Cell Castle– Professor Boggs
      The Cell Song– Science in Song
      Cellular Physiology– Science Maniacs
      Classify It– Science in Song
      Echinoderms– Science in Song
      Ecology II– Lyrical Life Science
      Ecosystems– Science Maniacs
      Energy Roles (Producers and Consumers)– Science Maniacs
      Environment Change– Musically Aligned
      Food Chain– Kathleen Carroll
      The Food Chain Song– Science in Song
      Genetics– Lyrical Life Science
      Habitat– Bill Oliver/Jeff Schroeder
      Habitat– Bill Oliver/Stan Slaughter
      Habitat Scat– Music with Mar.
      Home Is a Habitat– Judy Leonard
      Ichthyology– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Mammals– Lyrical Life Science
      The Mitosis Square Dance– Science in Song
      Mr. Frog - You Just Think You're Smart!– Dianne Baker
      Nature Vs. Nurture– Science Maniacs
      No Backbone Backbeat (Invertebrates)– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Pirates on the Dichotomous Sea– Professor Boggs
      Plant and Animal Needs– Musically Aligned
      Pretty Paper, Pretty Trees – Bill Oliver
      Save the Frogs!– Dianne Baker
      Teeth– Musically Aligned
      Toothless Mammals– Lyrical Life Science
      Ungulates– Lyrical Life Science
      The Virus Song– Science in Song
      Water Cycle Song– Science in Song
      You Can Tell It's a Cell– J.P. Taylor

Botany Songs
      A Plant Will Grow– Lauren Mayer
      Algae, Fingi, and Nonvascular Plants– Lyrical Life Science
      My Favorite Apple Tree– Fred Gee
      Plant a Tree for Tomorrow– Dianne Baker
      Plant and Animal Needs– Musically Aligned
      Roots, A Stem and Some Leaves– J.P. Taylor
      Sacred Trees– Lorraine Bayes
      Tree Song– Robin Walling
      Up In A Tree– Frank Bruen
      Vascular Plants– Lyrical Life Science

Human Physiology Songs: How the Body Works
      The Bones Song– Kathleen Wiley
      The Bones Song– Science in Song
      Brains– Dennis Westphall
      The Circulatory System– Science in Song
      The Digestive System Song– Science in Song
      The Endocrine System– Lyrical Life Science
      Fanfare for the Brain– Music with Mar.
      Identifying Bones– Jack Hartmann
      Immune and Lymph Systems– Lyrical Life Science
      Intoduction to the Human Body– Lyrical Life Science
      The Muscles Song– Science in Song
      The Muscular System– Lyrical Life Science
      Ologies (The Study Of)– Lyrical Life Science
      The Senses Boogie– Mark and Morgan Kasmer
      The Skeletal System– Lyrical Life Science
      Skin– Dennis Westphall

See our pages on:
   My Body, Health, and Illness and Food and Nutrition

Science Musical Plays
      Environmental Show- Ron Fink & John Heath
      Geology ROCKS!- Ron Fink & John Heath
      The Rumpus in the Rainforest- Ron Fink & John Heath
      Vacation On Mars- Ron Fink & John Heath

Dinosaurs & Paleontology
      See our page on Dinosaur Songs

Physical Science Songs
      Hey oh, Galileo– J.P. Taylor
      I'm the Moon – Kathleen Wiley
      Kepler Said– Professor Boggs
      Our Solar System– Music Movement & Magination
      Planet Jive– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Planet Placement Dance– Music with Mar.
      Planet Rap– Ron Brown
      Sky Objects– Musically Aligned
      Solar System– Musically Aligned
      That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features)– Music Movement & Magination

Chemistry Songs
      Atom Matter– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Electrons Flowing– Science in Song
      The Elements– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      The Elements Song– Science in Song
      E-VAP-O-RATE– Musically Aligned
      Get Your Molecules Movin'– J.P. Taylor
      Hey, Avogadro– Professor Boggs
      Matter Is Everywhere!– J.P. Taylor
      Molecules– Ron Brown
      Physical Property Sense– Musically Aligned
      Pillar of Sound– Story by Frank Bruen
      Solid, Liquid or Gas?– Ron Brown
      Solid, Liquid or Gas Groove– Musically Aligned
      That's Matter– Lauren Mayer
      What's the Matter?– Jack Hartmann

Songs about Simple Machines
      A Wedge– Ken Whiteley
      Big Wheel - Little Wheel– Ken Whiteley
      It Takes Force– Ken Whiteley
      Six Simple Machines– J.P. Taylor
      Up & Down An Incline Plane– Ken Whiteley

Earth Science and Geology Songs
      Air– Frank Bruen
      Compass Construction– Musically Aligned
      Conservation Nation– J. P. Taylor
      Every Little Drop of Water– Fred Gee
      Folding, Faulting, and Intrusion– Lyrical Earth Science
      Garbage Blues– Dennis Westphall
      The Good Earth– Jack Hartmann
      Gravity– Professor Boggs
      The Green Revolution– Judy Leonard
      Interdependence Day– J. P. Taylor
      Introduction to Geology– Lyrical Earth Science
      Keep Your World Clean– Marilyn M. Linford
      Let's Take Care of the Earth– Debbie Clement
      Living on a Layer Cake– Chris Rawlings
      Mass Movement– Lyrical Earth Science
      MOHS Rock Hardness Scale– Kathleen Wiley
      Plate Tectonics– Lyrical Earth Science
      Pollution– Kathleen Wiley
      Rain, Snow, Hail or Sleet– Ron Brown
      Recycle– Judy Leonard
      Rock Cycle– Professor Boggs
      The Rock Cycle– J.P. Taylor
      Rock Cycle Rock– Chris Rawlings
      Rock Cycle Rap– Allendale's Got Talent
      Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic– Jim Thompson
      Saturated Zone– Chris Rawlings
      Save the Earth!– Dianne Baker
      Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous– Kathleen Wiley
      Sedimentary Rock– Marla Lewis
      Solar Energy– Ron Brown
      Some Mountains– Chris Rawlings
      Topographic Maps– Lyrical Earth Science
      Water in the Air– Skip West
      The Water Cycle– Lauren Mayer
      Water Cycle Song– Foster Brown
      Water Cycle Song– Jim Thompson
      Weathering of Rocks– Lyrical Earth Science
      We’ve Got the Power– J. P. Taylor
      Why Rivers Flow– Frank Bruen

Physics Songs
      See all of our Physics Songs

Biology Songs
      See also: Biology Songs

Metric Songs
      King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk– Science Maniacs
      The Metric Song– Kathleen Carroll
      The Metric System: Units of Length– Tim Pacific
      The Metric System Rap– Earth Tone Productions
      Metric Unit Conversions (An acronym song)– Middle School Math Music
      Use Metrics — Street Style– Christina DeSanto

See more of our Science Songs for Young Children, Fruit, Vegetable, Gardening, Oceans, Ponds, Arctic, Rainforest, Safari, Farm, Pirates and Outer Space Song Lyrics


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