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Chemistry Songs

Atoms, Molecules, Elements and Chemical Properties

Physical chemistry is the study of the physical and fundamental basis of chemicalsystems and processes.

These Chemistry Song Lyrics are available from a variety of albums.

3 States of Matter – Jack Hartmann
Acid and Base Rap – Allendale's Got Talent
Acids and Bases – MindMuzic
Atom Matter – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Atoms – Musically Aligned
Atoms and Molecules – MindMuzic
Chemical Bonds – MindMuzic
The Elements – Tickle Tune Typhoon
The Elements Song – Robin Walling
Energy – Jim Thompson
E-VAP-O-RATE – Musically Aligned
Get Your Molecules Movin' – J.P. Taylor
Matter Is Everywhere! – J.P. Taylor
Move Like Molecules Move – Jack Hartmann
Periodic Table – MindMuzic
Properties of Gases – MindMuzic
Solid, Liquid or Gas? – Ron Brown
Solid, Liquid, Gas Groove – Musically Aligned
That's Matter – Lauren Mayer
Three States of Matter – Jennifer Fixman
What's the Matter? – Jack Hartmann
What is Matter? – MindMuzic

Science Musical Plays
Environmental Show – Ron Fink and John Heath
Geology ROCKS! – Ron Fink and John Heath
The Rumpus in the Rainforest – Ron Fink and John Heath
Vacation On Mars – Ron Fink and John Heath

General Science Songs
Hypothesis – MindMuzic
The Metric Song – Kathleen Carroll
Nature of Science – Musically Aligned
Science Is – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Scientific Inquiry Rap – Allendale's Got Talent
Scientific Method – Music with Mar.
The Scientific Method – Lyrical Life Science
Scientific Method Blues – Kathleen Carroll
The Scientific Method Blues – J.P. Taylor
Scientific Process – Jim Thompson


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