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Songs About the Physical and Earth Sciences
Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

These Physical Science song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Physical Science Songs
      Day Sky, Night Sky – Jack Hartmann
      Family of the Sun– Foster Brown
      Hey oh, Galileo– J.P. Taylor
      I'm An Astronaut – Jack Hartmann
      Kepler Said– Professor Boggs
      Nine Fine Planets– J.P. Taylor
      Our Solar System (Earth’s Physical Features)
       – Music Movement & Magination
      Planet Jive– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Planet Placement Dance– Music with Mar.
      Sky Objects– Musically Aligned
      Solar System– Musically Aligned

Chemistry Songs
      3 States of Matter – Jack Hartmann
      Acid and Base Rap– Allendale's Got Talent
      Atom Matter– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Atoms– Musically Aligned
      The Elements– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      The Elements Song– Robin Walling
      Energy– Jim Thompson
      E-VAP-O-RATE– Musically Aligned
      Get Your Molecules Movin'– J.P. Taylor
      Matter Is Everywhere!– J.P. Taylor
      Move Like Molecules Move– Jack Hartmann
      Solid, Liquid or Gas?– Ron Brown
      Solid, Liquid, Gas Groove– Musically Aligned
      That's Matter– Lauren Mayer
      Three States of Matter– Jennifer Fixman
      What's the Matter?– Jack Hartmann

Earth Science and Geology Songs
      Air – Frank Bruen
      Compass Construction– Musically Aligned
      Folding, Faulting, and Intrusion– Lyrical Earth Science
      Introduction to Geology– Lyrical Earth Science
      Living on a Layer Cake– Chris Rawlings
      Mass Movement– Lyrical Earth Science
      Natural Rock Breakdown– Musically Aligned
      Plate Tectonics– Lyrical Earth Science
      Rain, Snow, Hail or Sleet– Ron Brown
      Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic– Jim Thompson
      The Rock Cycle– J.P. Taylor
      Rock Cycle Rap– Allendale's Got Talent
      Rock Cycle Rock– Chris Rawlings
      Saturated Zone– Chris Rawlings
      Sedimentary Rock– Marla Lewis
      Some Mountains– Chris Rawlings
      Sweet and Sour Rain– Chris Rawlings
      That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features)– Music Movement & Magination
      Three Major Groups of Rocks– Foster Brown
      Topographic Maps– Lyrical Earth Science
      Tornadoes– Ron Brown
      Water in the Air– Skip West
      The Water Cycle– Lauren Mayer
      Water Cycle Song– Foster Brown
      Water On The Earth Goes Round– Jack Hartmann
      Waves, Wind, Water, and Ice– Musically Aligned
      We are the Rocks– Musically Aligned
      Weathering of Rocks– Lyrical Earth Science
      Why Rivers Flow– Frank Bruen

Physics Songs
      A Wedge– Ken Whiteley
      Big Wheel - Little Wheel– Ken Whiteley
      The Electric Connection Rap– Kathleen Carroll
      Electricity– Professor Boggs
      Electrons Flowing– Robin Walling
      Energy– Ken Whiteley
      Energy From The Sun– Jack Hartmann
      Energy Waves– Musically Aligned
      Forces Can Push and Pull– Jack Hartmann
      Friction– Ken Whiteley
      Gravity– Ron Brown
      Gravity– Jennifer Fixman
      Gravity– Musically Aligned
      Hey, Avogadro– Professor Boggs
      I See the Light– J.P. Taylor
      It Takes Force– Ken Whiteley
      Light Moves– Professor Boggs
      Magnets– Ron Brown
      Magnets– Music with Mar.
      Objects and Light– Ron Brown
      Pillar of Sound– Story by Frank Bruen
      The Primary and Secondary Colors– School Art Theatre Productions
      Simple Machines– Jim Thompson
      Six Simple Machines– J.P. Taylor
      Solar Energy– Ron Brown
      Sound– Ron Brown
      Sound– Musically Aligned
      Sound Is Energy– Jack Hartmann
      Sources of Energy– J.P. Taylor
      Up & Down An Incline Plane– Ken Whiteley
      Vibration Rap– Kathleen Carroll
      Work– Jim Thompson

Science Musical Plays
       Environmental Show- Ron Fink & John Heath

      Geology ROCKS!- Ron Fink & John Heath
      Vacation On Mars- Ron Fink & John Heath

General Science Music
      2 Scientific Method Songs– Jack Hartmann
      The Metric Song– Kathleen Carroll
      Nature of Science– Musically Aligned
      Physical Property Sense– Musically Aligned
      Science Is– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Scientific Inquiry Rap– Allendale's Got Talent
      The Scientific Method– Lyrical Life Science
      Scientific Method Blues– Kathleen Carroll
      The Scientific Method Blues– J.P. Taylor
      Scientific Method O.Q.P.H.E.A.D.– Musically Aligned
      The Scientific Process– Ron Brown

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