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Pirate Songs Theme Unit

Song suggestions for a classroom pirate theme unit.

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

The pirate songs on this page teach grammar, phonetics (ar!), geography, and traditional folk music.
Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th!

A Pirate’s Life - Pam Minor
A Sailor Went to Sea - Sheet Music/Piano Solo
The Cardinal Directions: North, South, East, West - Intelli-tunes
Compass Construction - Musically Aligned
If You Want to Be A Pirate - Kiboomu Kids Songs
It's A Pirate's Life for Me - Rachel Sumner
The Key's the Key - Joan Maute
Percy the Pirate - Kelly Good
Pirate Dreams (lullaby) - Dorothy Zerbe
Pirate For A Day - Music with Mar.
The Pirate Sound (ar) - Intelli-tunes
Pirates Are People Too - Auntie Kayte
Pirates on the Dichotomous Sea - Professor Boggs
Pirate Song - Andy Z
Pirate Song - Bill Harley
The Pirate Song - David Rovics
The Pirate Song - Kathleen Rushing
Pirate Jokes - Dan Crow
The Pirate Song - David Rovics
The Pirate Song - Kathleen Rushing
Pirate Song - Two of a Kind
Sailing Along - Freg Gee
Sophie and Ben's Pirate Ship - Tim Seston
The Silly Pirate Song - Jack Hartmann
Talk Like A Pirate Day - Dan Crow
Topographic Maps - Lyrical Learning
The Vikings - David East
Willie the Pirate - Geoff Johnson

Musical Plays
European Explorers In The New World - Bad Wolf Press
Pirates From Grammar Island - Bad Wolf Press

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