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Grammar Punctuation & Spelling Songs

Parts of Speech, Synonyms, Antonyms, Compound Words, Contractions & More

Grammar Songs

These grammar, punctuation and spelling songs are available from a variety of albums:

Grammar Songs - General
4 Kinds of Sentences – Kathleen Wiley
10 Grammar Rules Song – Tim Pacific
A Simple Sentence – Music with Mar.
Complete & Incomplete Sentences Square Dance – Music with Mar.
Editor's Checklist – Learning by Song
Grammar Rapper – Dennis Westphall
The Language Police – Joe Crone
Parts of Speech Rap – Learning by Song
The Very Basic Grammar Song – Tim Pacific

Parts of Speech

Move For A Proper Noun – Music with Mar.
Nouns – Jack Hartmann
Nouns – Ron Brown
Nouns – Music with Mar.

The 36 Prepositions Song – Tim Pacific
Action Verbs – Jack Hartmann
Action Verbs – Songs of Writing
Am Is Are Was Were –Katherine Dines
The Ballad of Joey Bon Bon and Fuzzy Boo Boo – Brainchildren!
Grammar Tenses – MindMuzic
Helper Verbs – Learning by Song
King Verb – Jim Thompson
Lucky Socks – Brainchildren!
Phrasal Verbs and the Imperative – Learning English Through Song
The Verb Game – Music with Mar.
The Verb Rap Song – Earth Tone Enterprises

An Adjective Describes A Noun – David East
Adjectives – Kathleen Wiley
Adjectives – Ron Brown
Adverbs - Pronouns - Adjectives – MindMuzic
The Secret Thing (This Is My Frog!) – Brainchildren!

Adverbs – Songs of Writing
Adverbs - Pronouns - Adjectives – MindMuzic
How Can I Move With Adverbs? – Music with Mar.

Advanced Pronouns - Adverbs – MindMuzic
Pronoun Promenade – Katherine Dines
Pronoun Rap – Learning by Song
Pronouns – Music with Mar.
Pronouns in the Park – Brainchildren!
Pump the Pronouns – Music with Mar.

The 36 Prepositions – Tim Pacific
Henry, King of Prepositions – Brainchildren!
Prepositions – David East
Prepositions – Kathleen Wiley
Prepositions – Jennifer Fixman
Prepositions – Learning by Song
Prepositions – MindMuzic
To, With and By – The Reading Dog Band

   Articles & Conjunctions
"A" and "An" – Jennifer Fixman
The Function of a Conjunction – Music with Mar.

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, etc.
Antonyms – Ron Brown
Homonyms – Kathleen Wiley
The Homonym Game (Hip Hop Rap) – Earth Tone
Homophones – Ron Brown
Metaphors – Kathleen Wiley
Synanthomographs – Katherine Dines
Synonyms – Kathleen Wiley
Synonym Shake – Music with Mar.

Punctuation Songs (Including Contractions)
Comma Rules Song – Tim Pacific
Hey Mama, When Do You Use A Comma? – Kathleen Wiley
Let Your Body Be a Punctuation Mark – Jack Hartmann
Let's PPPPunctuate – Katherine Dines
Pay Attention to Punctuation – Jack Hartmann
Punctuation Marks – Music with Mar.
Punctuation Rap – Earth Tone
Punctuation Mark March – Music with Mar.
Reading Question Song – Jack Hartmann
The Sentence Song – Jennifer Fixman
Use a Comma – Learning by Song

A Contraction Has An Apostrophe – Jennifer Fixman
Contractions n't – Kathleen Wiley
Contractions – Mr. R's Songs

Upper Case & Lower Case
Capitals – Joe Crone
Every sentence begins with a capital letter! – Marla Lewis
State Your Case – Music, Movement & Magination

Compound Words
Compound Word Wiz – Jennifer Fixman
Compound Word Oom Pah Pah – Music with Mar.
Compound Words – Mr. R's Songs That Teach
Compound Word Workout – Jack Hartmann
Last Word – Dave Kinnoin & Randy Sharp
It's Fun to Make Two Words One (version 1) – Jack Hartmann
It's Fun to Make Two Words One (version 2) – Jack Hartmann

Spelling, Vowels and Word Recognition Songs
A E I O U – Stephen Fite
AI-AY – Ron Brown
(AR) Bossy R – Ron Brown
AW – Ron Brown
A Base Word is the Basic Word – Jennifer Fixman
A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable – Jennifer Fixman
Apples and Bananas – Mr. R's Songs That Teach
Spelling the "aw" Sound – Fun Phonics Songs
Beginning Blends – Jennifer Fixman
Build a Word – Jennifer Fixman
Double Consonants – Jennifer Fixman
Double the Final Consonant – Ron Brown
Drop the E and Add Ing – Kathleen Wiley
Drop That "e" – Ron Brown
The -ed Suffix – Jennifer Fixman
EE – Ron Brown
ER-IR-UR – Ron Brown
Spelling the Long "E" Sound (ee and ea) – Fun Phonics Songs
Fiddle With A Word (Prefixes) – Ron Brown
Figure Words Out – Jack Hartmann
Go, Go, Vowels – Music with Mar.
IGH – Ron Brown
_ight – Jennifer Fixman
Hello Neighbor, I'm a Farmer (Plural Forms)
    – Songs For Speech and Language Skills
-le, -el, -al, -il – Jennifer Fixman
Letter Blender – Music, Movement & Magination
Long Vowel Sounds – Jennifer Fixman
March and Spell – Ron Brown
MMM Color Farm (spelling colors) – Music, Movement & Magination
OA – Ron Brown
OI-OY – Ron Brown
Past Tense Tricks – Jennifer Fixman
Phonogram Funk – Jennifer Fixman
Plurals – Jennifer Fixman
R-Controlled Vowels – Jennifer Fixman
Prefix and Suffix – MindMuzic
Prefixes and Suffixes – Jennifer Fixman
SH – Ron Brown
Short Vowels – Kathleen Wiley
Silent "e" – Ron Brown
Silent Letters – Jennifer Fixman
Spelling Colors – Music with Mar.
Spelling the Tough Ones – Ron Brown
Suffix (-ed) – Ron Brown
TH – Ron Brown
That Magic "E" – Jennifer Fixman
TION / SION (The "shun" Sound) – Ron Brown
Spelling "TION" and "SION" – Fun Phonics Songs
Vowel Jamboree – Liz Buchanan
Vowel Power – Music with Mar.
Word Families – Liz Buchanan
Workout with a Family of Words – Jack Hartmann

Language Arts Musical Plays
Aesop's Fables Deluxe – Bad Wolf Press
Alice's Adventures with Idioms – Bad Wolf Press
Grammarosaurus – Bad Wolf Press
Pirates From Grammar Island – Bad Wolf Press

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