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Songs for Promoting Reading & the Library

Songs that Motivate Children to Read and Write... and Visit the Library!
Songs to Promote Reading

These Reading Encouragement lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Songs that Build Enthusiasm for Reading and Visiting the Library

Author, Author - Two of a Kind
Book Round - Two of a Kind
Catch the Reading Bug - Rachel Sumner
Crack a Book - Mrs. Kate
Dream Big—Read! - Steve Blunt
Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) - Jonathan Sprout
Everything Is Free At The Library - Two of a Kind
Get Your Head in a Book - Johnny and the Raindrops
Hanging Out With Heros At The Library - Two of a Kind
Hey Suess, A Treebute - The Battersby Duo
I Like A Good Story - Two of a Kind
It's A Mystery To Me - Two of a Kind
Let's Read Together – Jack Hartmann
Library Adventure – The Reading Dog Band
Library Song – Two of a Kind
Lost Library Book Blues – Judy Pancoast
Make a Splash - Read! - Rachel Sumner
Make Reading a Habit - Ben Stiefel
One World, Many Stories - Steve Blunt
One World, Many Stories - Two of a Kind
Once Upon A Time - Judy Pancoast
Partner Reading - Kathleen Wiley
Please Read - The Battersby Duo
R.E.A.D. - Susan Harrison
Read A Book - Marilyn M. Linford
Read A Book - Two of a Kind
Read A Book (Converging) - Two of a Kind
Read to Learn - Second Grade Rocks!
Ready to Read – Jack Hartmann
Read, and Read Some More! – Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
Read, Read, Read – David East
Readin Our Way Across America – Judy Pancoast
Reading Rocks – Jack Hartmann
Reading to Rosie – The Reading Dog Band
Rover the Reading Dog – The Reading Dog Band
Seven Nights To Read - Two of a Kind
Storytime - Margot Bevington
That's the Way We Read – Jack Hartmann
Take Me To Your Reader – Judy Pancoast
To, With, and By – The Reading Dog Band
We Love Books – Cherry Carl
We Love to Read – Marla Lewis
What Do You Do? – Cherry Carl
What You Read Today – The Reading Dog Band
You Want to Read – Jennifer Fixman
You're Learning to Read – Cathy Bollinger

Songs that Promote Reading Aloud to Children
R.E.A.D. —  Read to Me - Susan Harrison
Read A Book To Me - Judy Pancoast

Songs that Encourage Writing
With These Hands – Jan Nigro

Songs that Promote Reading and to Spark the Imagination
Going On An Adventure - Two of a Kind
Mac the Lumberjack – Fred Gee

Sailing Along – Fred Gee

Stories Spoken and Recorded
Chester's Surprise - Rachel Sumner
Imani's Trick - Rachel Sumner

Book suggestions:
book book book

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