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One World, Many Stories
Library Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans


(Chorus - unison:)
One world, many stories
One world, many stories
You can go to any country
A book can take you there

You can go to Paris, France
in 2 straight lines, with Madeline
Laugh at all Anansi’s tricks
in the African sunshine
You can travel to Australia
run a race with Koala Lou
Visit Scotland with Wee Gillis
blow the bagpipes ‘till you’re blue!

(Chorus – 2-part round)

Far from all the Spanish bullfights
find the gentle Ferdinand
Meet Habibi, the best-dressed camel
in all of Egypt’s land
Play with Mowgli and Baloo
in the jungles of India
Celebrate Jamela’s birthday
with her friends in South Africa

(Chorus – 2-part round)

You can go back to old England
help Merlin crown Arthur king.
In China on the Yangtze river,
travel with a duck named Ping
See the rainforests in Brazil
Journey on the River Sea
Strega Nona’s cooking pot
full of magic in Italy

(Chorus – 4-part round)

See Uganda with Wanyana
a frog helps her to find her man
At Princess Shibumi’s side
help the poor in old Japan
You can see brave Erandi
sell her braids in Mexico
Books can take you ‘round the world
Anywhere you want to go!

(Chorus – 4-part round)

Go anywhere – a book can take you there!



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Many thanks to Two of a Kind for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2011 David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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