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Songs for Promoting Reading

Songs that Motivate Children to Read and Write... and Visit the Library!

These Reading Encouragement lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Songs that Build Enthusiasm for Reading and Visiting the Library

      Author, Author- Two of a Kind
      Book Round- Two of a Kind
      Crack a Book - Mrs. Kate
      Dream Big—Read!- Steve Blunt
      Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel)- Jonathan Sprout
      Everything Is Free At The Library- Two of a Kind
      Hanging Out With Heros At The Library- Two of a Kind
      Hey Suess, A Treebute- The Battersby Duo
      I Like A Good Story- Two of a Kind
      It's A Mystery To Me- Two of a Kind
      Let's Read Together– Jack Hartmann
      Library Adventure– The Reading Dog Band
      Library Song– Two of a Kind
      Make Reading a Habit- Ben Stiefel
      One World, Many Stories- Steve Blunt
      One World, Many Stories- Two of a Kind
      Partner Reading- Kathleen Wiley
      Please Read- The Battersby Duo
      R.E.A.D.- Susan Harrison
      Read A Book- Marilyn M. Linford
      Read A Book- Two of a Kind
      Read A Book (Converging)- Two of a Kind
      Read to Learn- Second Grade Rocks!
      Ready to Read– Jack Hartmann
      Read, and Read Some More!– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      Read, Read, Read– David East
      Reading Rocks– Jack Hartmann
      Reading to Rosie– The Reading Dog Band
      Rover the Reading Dog– The Reading Dog Band
      Seven Nights To Read- Two of a Kind
      That's the Way We Read– Jack Hartmann
      To, With, and By– The Reading Dog Band
      We Love Books– Cherry Carl
      We Love to Read– Marla Lewis
      What Do You Do?– Cherry Carl
      What You Read Today– The Reading Dog Band
      You Want to Read – Jennifer Fixman
      You're Learning to Read– Cathy Bollinger

Songs that Promote Reading Aloud to Children
      R.E.A.D. —  Read to Me- Susan Harrison

Songs that Encourage Writing
      With These Hands– Jan Nigro

Songs that Promote Reading and to Spark the Imagination
      Going On An Adventure- Two of a Kind
      Mac the Lumberjack– Fred Gee

      Sailing Along– Fred Gee

March is Reading Month Songs

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Songs to Promote Reading

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