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March is Reading Month

Songs that Promote and Encourage Reading

Songs Inspired by Classical Children's Books
Abdul Gasazi’s Garden  – Sam Jones 
A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog  – Recess!
All Around The Pond – Sam Jones
A Story, A Story – Recess! 
At The Great Ball Game – Sam Jones 
Big Bushy Mustache – Sam Jones
Cool Books (based on Common Core K-1 Exemplars) – Recess! 
Cranes Over Hiroshima – Two of a Kind
Dream Big—Read! – Steve Blunt 
Frog and Toad Forever – Recess!
The Gingerbread Girl Rap – Jim Rule 
The Gingerbread Man – Ron Brown 
The Gingerbread Man – Susan Harrison
Goldilocks – Rachel Sumner
Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss – Songs For Teaching® 
Harriet The Spy – Two of a Kind
Hey There, Goldilocks – Ron Brown
Hi! Fly Guy – Recess!
Jalapeno Bagels – Sam Jones
Jamaica Louise James – Sam Jones
Julius – Sam Jones
Keep On Reading – Jack Hartmann 
Kitten's First Full Moon – Recess! 
The Lamplighter – Robert Louis Stevenson
Little Bear – Recess!
Little Henny Penny – Ron Brown
The Little Red Hen – Fran Avni 
The Little Red Hen – Ron Brown 
The Lion and the Mouse – Jack Hartmann 
Looking Glass River – Robert Louis Stevenson
Miss Lucy Had a Baby – Traditional Song 
Moses Goes To A Concert – Sam Jones
Mr. Popper's Penguins – Recess!
Mrs. Brown Went To Town – Sam Jones 
My Shadow – Robert Louis Stevenson 
My Shadow (in Spanish and English) – Robert Louis Stevenson
The Nights of the Pufflings  – Sam Jones 
Officer Buckle and Gloria – Sam Jones
One World, Many Stories – Steve Blunt
One World, Many Stories – Two of a Kind
Once Upon A Time - Judy Pancoast
Pancakes for Breakfast – Recess! 
Pepita Knows Two Languages – Sam Jones 
Poppa’s Pants – Sam Jones
The Ramona Quimby Blues – Sam Jones 
Ranger Dockett – Sam Jones
Read a Book – Two of a Kind
Read A Book To Me - Judy Pancoast
Readin Our Way Across America – Judy Pancoast
Slow and Steady – Susan Harrison
Surfing with the Seals  – Sam Jones 
Stone Soup – Stephanie Burton 
Take Me To Your Reader – Judy Pancoast
Three Bears Blues – Andrew Queen 
The Three Bears Rap – Ron Brown 
The Three Little Pigs – Ron Brown
The Three Little Pigs Rap – Jim Rule
Three Pig Jig – Andrew Queen
Thunder Cake – Sam Jones 
Trapped in the Icy South Pole – Sam Jones
The Ugly Duckling Blues – Susan Harrison

Songs Inspired by Maurice Sendak's Children's Books
Chicken Soup with Rice – Maurice Sendak and Carole King
Where the Wild Things Are – Two of a Kind

Nursery Rhymes Set to Songs
Grandmother's Glasses – Fingerplay 
Hey Diddle Diddle – With Accompanying Science Extension Activity
Hickory, Dickory, Dock – With Accompanying Science Extension Activity
Humpty Dumpty – Jack Hartmann
I Know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly – Traditional Folk Song 
If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands! – Traditional 
Jack and Jill – Jack Hartmann 
Jack and Jill – With Accompanying Science Extension Activity
Jack Be Nimble – Jack Hartmann 
Little Bo Peep – Traditional 
Little Miss Muffett – With Accompanying Science Extension Activity  
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – With Accompanying Science Extension Activity
The Nursery Rhymes Sidewalk Chant  
Old King Cole – Jack Hartmann
Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Cold – Jack Hartmann 
Today Is Monday – Traditional
Tommy Thumb – Fingerplay 
Two Little Blackbirds – Fingerplay 

Reading Comprehension
Ask Important Questions– Nikki Andres-Bye 
Character Emotions and Feelings– Read About It, Sing About It 
Context Clues – Read About It, Sing About It
Figure Words Out– Jack Hartmann 
Get Energized to Summarize– Nikki Andres-Bye
Hop Over It – Jack Hartmann
I Can Clarify– Nikki Andres-Bye
Inference– Read About It, Sing About It
Make Reading a Habit– Ben Stiefel 
Partner Reading– Kathleen Wiley
Reading Question Song– Jack Hartmann
Schema– Nikki Andres-Bye
Summarize A Story – Jeff Schroeder
Talk About Text Features– Nikki Andres-Bye
Workout With a Family of Words– Jack Hartmann

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