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Officer Buckle and Gloria
Inspired by the book Officer Buckle & Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
Song by Sam Jones

This song is available as on Sam Jones' Songs About Popular Children's Books, Vol 2.


(to the tune of “Skinnymarinkadink”)

Officer Buckle always thought all about safety tips
In his mind
He wrote them down and put them up on his bulletin board
Every time
He shared his safety tips with the kids at Napville School
But nobody ever listened
They just didn’t think that he was cool
Officer Buckle needed help to teach his safety tips
To kids at school

Then the police department bought a dog named Gloria
She obeyed commands
When Officer Buckle told his tips along with Gloria
The audience clapped their hands
Everybody paid attention and they didn’t even snore
They all sat up to listen
And they wanted more and more and more
When Officer Buckle thought the kids were laughing at him
They laughed at Gloria

Then Officer Buckle didn’t want to go with Gloria
To Napville School
But she was lonely and fell asleep and so did the audience
It wasn’t cool
Then later Napville School had its biggest accident
But Claire changed his mind
When he read the note she sent
That was when he thought of his best safety tip
Always stick with your buddy!



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Many thanks to Sam Jones for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Sam Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Officer Buckle & Gloria © Peggy Rathmann. All rights reserved.


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