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Songs for Teaching the "Communities" Curriculum
Supplementing the First Grade Social Studies Standards on 
Occupations, Schools, Families, Neighborhoods and Homes

These first grade standards songs are available from a variety of albums:    

Community Members, Work and Occupations 
        Be a Teacher– Music with Mar. 
        Bus Driver – Sam Jones 
        Community- Jack Hartmann
        Community Contributor- Miss Jenny
        Do You Know Your Community Helpers?– Music with Mar.
        Doctor, Help Me Please– Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
        Doing My Job– Lauren Mayer 
        The Firefighters– Ron Brown
        I'm A Special Kid– Dr. Thomas Moore
        Jobs: Getting Things Done– Frank Bruen
        Lunchtime– Fred Gee 
        Mac the Lumberjack– Fred Gee 
        Officer Buckle and Gloria – Sam Jones
        Ranger Dockett– Sam Jones
        When I Grow Up– Ron Brown
        When I Grow Up– Sam Jones 
        Where Do I Live?– Ron Brown
        Who Am I?– Jan Nigro
        Workers In Our Community– Keystone Creations

Homes, Schools and Communities
        Can You Tell Me Where You're From?– Music Movement & Magination
        Glad I'm at School– Debbie Clement  
        I Know What it Looks Like (Houses and Apartments)– Andrew Germain
        School is Cool– Lauren Mayer
        Your World At A Glance– Marilyn M. Linford

        18 Wheeler– Ron Brown
        The Freight Train– Ron Brown
        Good Old Tractor– Ron Brown
        The Metro– Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
        My Bicycle– Ron Brown
        Toot, Toot– Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
        Trains Go By– Ron Brown

        A Family is a Family – Skip West
        A Family Is What You Make It – Jim Rule
        Because I Said So! – Jim Rule
        Daddies– Marilyn M. Linford  
        Family Harmony – Two of a Kind
        Family Photo Album – Two of a Kind
        Love Is Like A Boomerang – Jim Rule 
        (Older People Have) So Much to Share – Jan Nigro
        Tell Me Your Story – Two of a Kind
        We Are a Family – Jack Hartmann
        What Is A Mother?– Marilyn M. Linford 

        Be the Kind of Person – Jim Rule
        Citizenship – Dave Kinnoin
        Community Contributor – Jennifer Fixman
        I Am a Citizen– Learning by Song
        If Not Me, Then Who?– Carol Johnson

        If We Care– Gemini
        Little Things – Caroline and Danny
        Make A Difference– Marilyn M. Linford
        One Person at a Time– Andrew Murray
        Some Rights in this World– Jan Nigro
        Table Of Life– Gemini
        That's How You Play the Game– Jan Nigro

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