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Your World At A Glance

Geography Song for Young Children
Marilyn M. Linford

Your World At A Glance Song

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The world in which you live in may seem to start out small
But as you take a look inside, it isn't small at all. 

It starts out rather simple, a place to call your own
Then tucked into your neighborhood, this place becomes your home. 

Your neighborhood becomes a part of your community
With parks, and schools, and so much more for you to go and see.
Then take a look around you, your community is part
Of the state in which you live in, the state that holds your heart. 

Your state like many others with make up the USA,
The country which you live in where you work and learn and play.

Then comes the great big picture as your country is placed inside
The world in which you live in, the world where you reside. 

Yes, the world in which you live in may seem to start out small,
But as you take a look inside it isn't small at all.


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