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Preschool Activity and Movement Songs

Songs for Early Childhood Development
Preschool Action Songs

These preschool activity and movement song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Movement Songs for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten

Alphabet - Phonics
ABCs Rap – Music with Mar.
Alphabet Moves – Intelli-Tunes
Clap, Stomp & Chomp (Syllable Song)Jack Hartmann
Come and Go Around with Me (Writing) – Music with Mar.
Compound Word WorkoutJack Hartmann
Digraph DanceJack Hartmann
Drawing in the AirMusic with Mar.
Energy – Kelly Good
Exercise to the AlphabetJack Hartmann
Exercise When We RhymeJack Hartmann
Fun Phonics Fitness SongJack Hartmann
Get Up On Your Feet! – Music with Mar.
The Humm-emotion SongJ. W. Snyder
I Like LettersMusic Movement & Magination
Let Your Body Be a Punctuation MarkJack Hartmann
Let's Get Fit To The AlphabetJack Hartmann
Letter BlenderMusic, Movement & Magination
March and SpellRon Brown
Onomatopoeia AlphabetJack Hartmann
Rappin' The ABC'sMusic Movement & Magination
Reading Question SongJack Hartmann
Reading RocksJack Hartmann
Rock Out and Learn About the AlphabetJack Hartmann
Show Me How You MoveMusic with Mar.
Workout with a Family of WordsJack Hartmann 
Yahoo! We're Learning the AlphabetMusic, Movement & Magination
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Alice the Beagle – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Baby Animal Song – Growing Sound
Barnyard Boogie – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Dance Party at the ZooTuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
Down On the FarmSongs For Speech and Language Skills
Elephants Have Wrinkles – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Elephant Steps – Patty Shukla
Fishies In The Water – Music, Movement & Magination
Hibernation – Music, Movement & Magination
I Can Hear the Creatures Sing – Wendy Rollin
If Were An Animal – Patty Shukla
Jungle Safari –Music, Movement & Magination
Lion Prowl – Debbie Clement
Little Peter Rabbit – Music with Mar. 
Monkey! – Patty Shukla
Monkey, Monkey – Music with Mar.
Monkey Say, Monkey Do – Jack Hartmann
Mother Gooney Bird – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Mr. Frog - You Just Think You're Smart! – Dianne Baker
Penguin Dance ChantJack Hartmann
Penguin Parade – Donna & Andy
Penguin Waddle – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Roar Like A Lion – Patty Shukla
Up All Night (Nocturnal Animals) – Music, Movement & Magination
Wag Your Tail – Super Simple Songs
Walking in the Jungle – Super Simple Songs
Wish I Had An Elephant – Marla Lewis
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Bean Bag - Elastic Band - Parachute - Sockball - Scarf - Etc.
Barry, The Bean Bag Story –Dr. Thomas Moore
Bean Bag –Mary Jo Huff
The Bean Bag – Hap Palmer
The Beanbag Bop – Jack Hartmann
Bean Bag Hop – Rachel Rambach
Bean Bag Polka – Intelli-Tunes
The Bean Bag Song – Wendy Rollin
Bells Are For Shaking – Rachel Rambach
Body Cross Applesauce– Rachel Rambach
The Bubble Wrap StompStephanie Burton
I've Got a Bean Bag Music with Mar.
Magic Ball Jack Capon & Rosemary Hallum, Ph.D.
Me and My Bean Bag – The Learning Station
Moving with a Scarf Music with Mar.
My Elastic Band – Dr. Thomas Moore
Parachute Goes Up and Down – Music with Mar.
Paper Towel Tube – Dr. Thomas Moore
Parachute SongMusic with Mar.
Pretty ScarvesMusic with Mar.
The Sockball – Dr. Thomas Moore
The Streamer Song – Colleen and Uncle Squaty

Body Parts
Body Pointing – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Body Sounds – Pricsilla Ahn
Clap Hands – Alina Celeste
Feelin' Good (The Body Song)Lauren Mayer
HandsSongs for Speech and Language Skills
Head Shoulders Knees & ToesSuper Simple Songs
I Can Do It – Jack Hartmann
I Got a Wiggle – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
I've Got TwoSongs for Speech and Language Skills
Itchy, Itchy – Music, Movement & Magination
Move Your Body Along – Listen and Learn
Muscles & Bones with Skin All Around – Music, Movement & Magination
Nothing Else – Music with Mar.
Put Your Hands in the Air (Eng & Span) – Stephen Fite
Shake and Move – Patty Shukla
Shake It And You'll Be Happy – Bobby Susser
Shake It! Shake It! – Music with Mar.
Twist – Patty Shukla
Wiggle It! – Patty Shukla
Wiggle My Body – Ron Brown
Yes O Yes – Wayne Potash
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Calendar and Seasons
12 Months in a Year – Patty Shukla
Calendar Polka – Music with Mar.
Let's Freeze (Winter) – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Marching Into Spring – Listen and Learn
Months of the Year CheerJack Hartmann
Rock n' Roll Days of the WeekJack Hartmann
Saturday is My Favorite Day – Patty Shukla
Seven Nights to Rock – Wayne Potash
Three Days in a RowJack Hartmann
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Chants and Raps
Che Che Kooley – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Tie Your Shoes RapJack Hartmann
Penguins Attention – Wayne Potash
Tooty Pop – Jack Hartmann
Tooty Ta Dance Mix – Stephen Fite
Tooty Ta (New Chant) – Jack Hartmann

Circle Games
Circle of Friends – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Little Johnny BrownColleen & Uncle Squaty
Make A CircleSuper Simple Songs
Play With Me Sing AlongPatty Shukla
Stand Up, Sit DownPatty Shukla
We All Fall Down – Super Simple Songs
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Clean UpSuper Simple Songs
Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner – Jack Hartmann
Pickin' It Up – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
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Around the World – Jack Hartmann
Celtic Car – Music with Mar.
Circle of FriendsRon Brown
CopycatStephen Fite
DirectionsMusic with Mar.
Doctor, DoctorSkip West
Do Si Do – Patty Shukla
Everybody JumpSkip West
Follow Me – Patty Shukla
Follow Me, Follow Me – Speak and Sing: The Developing Child
Frozen Kidsicle FreezeMusical Games and Action Songs
Good DayJack Hartmann
I Can Do It – Patty Shukla
I Can Do That!Jack Hartmann
I Can Hop – Speak and Sing: The Developing Child
Jump UpMusic, Movement & Magination
Jump for Numbers 0-10Ron Brown
Left and RightListen and Learn
The Line-Up SongColleen & Uncle Squaty
Lining UpMusic with Mar.
Move Fast, Move SlowJack Hartmann
Move, Then, Stay StillMusic with Mar.
North, East, South & WestStephen Fite
Put Your Hands Up in the Air – Hap Palmer
Raise the RoofTuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
Reach For the Sky – Amy Michelle & Friends
Rock and Roll – Kelly Good
Rumble To the Bottom – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Self-ControlSongs for Speech and Language Skills
Step to the Right –Mary Jo Huff
S.T.O.P –Patty Shukla
Turn Around – Hap Palmer
Twist – Patty Shukla
Walking WalkingSuper Simple Songs
What Are You Wearing? – Hap Palmer
Wiggle and Freeze – Cathy Bollinger
The Windmill Song – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Wiggle, Giggle and Learn –Stephanie Burton
Wiggle Worm Workout –Stephanie Burton

The Finger Dance – Dr. Thomas Moore
Finger Family – Music with Mar.
Five Little Rabbits – Music with Mar.
Roly Poly #2 – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Two Little Robins – Liz Buchanan
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Flowers - Garden
Flower Power Twist – Pam Minor
From A Seed to A Tree – Music, Movement & Magination
Garden Boogie – Pam Minor
Let's Plant A Tree – Ptty Shukla
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Food - Nutrition - Exercise
Apache Exercise Song –Music, Movement & Magination
Be Good To Your Body-Naturally – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Crossover - LatinJack Hartmann
Dance For the Food Groups – Music with Mar.
Eat Right –Music, Movement & Magination
Eat. Then Exercise – Music with Mar.
Eat, Sleep & Exercise Right –Music, Movement & Magination
Food Groups Are Rockin' Tonight – Music, Movement & Magination
Food Group Boogie – Pam Minor
Food Group FunMusic with Mar.
Get Up – Pam Minor
Go Bananas – Jack Hartmann
Jump –Patty Shukla
Jump Up! – Music, Movement & Magination
My Body Makes Motion – Music, Movement & Magination
Sneakers – Dennis Westphall
Smart Woman Merengue – Music with Mar.
Step Into It – Music with Mar.
Sugar Snap Peas – Nancy Schimmel & Marla Lewis
Rowing Song – Ron Brown
Walk. Jog. Run.Music with Mar.
Walking, Walking – Music with Mar.
Warm Up Time – John "Kinderman" Taylor
Wave Goodbye (Cool-Down Song) – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
We Walk – Music with Mar. 
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Music and Movement and Dance
3R Dance – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Baby Band – Rachel Rambach
Can You Can Can? – Pam Minor
Clap Your Hands! – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Come, Play That Music – Margie La Bella
Dance FreezeJack Hartmann
Dancin’ DuckJack Capon & Rosemary Hallum, Ph.D.
Dancing Disco DogsMusic with Mar.
Do Si Do – Patty Shukla
Do the Robot – Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
Do You Speak Music? – Judy Leonard
Get Up and Sing! – Amy Michelle & Friends
Hand Clap Rap – Jack Hartmann
Hear Me Sing; Watch Me DanceMusic with Mar.
Hear That Beat – Pam Minor
Higgeldy DanceDebbie Clement
I Can Do It! – Patty Shukla
I Can Tango – Patty Shukla
Just For Fun – Marilyn M. Linford
Manuel The Great – Vincent Nunes
Maraca Rock – Listen and Learn
Maracas - I Love That Sound – Dianne Baker
Marching Band – Debbie Clement
My Body's Always Movin' – Stephen Fite
Parade March – Caroline and Danny
Play Your InstrumentsStephanie Burton
Preschool Rocks!Wendy Rollin   
Seat Dancin' – Stephen Fite
Shoes – Andy Z
Skipping Along – Battersby Duo
Snap, Clap, Wiggle & Giggle –Mary Jo Huff
Tap Tap Your Rhythm Sticks – Listen and Learn
Tap Those Toes – Rachel Sumner
Valentine's Day Party Dance – Jack Hartmann
What Dance You Wanna Do? – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Who Is That? PolkaWendy Rollin
Who Wants to Dance – Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles – Hap Palmer

Numbers, Counting & Colors
5 Little AirplanesPatty Shukla
5 Little PenguinsPatty Shukla
10 Silly MonkeysJack Hartmann
Add and Step On Ones RapMusic with Mar.
The Alligator ChompJack Hartmann
Blast OffStephanie Burton
Colors DancePatt
Count & Move – Super Simple Songs
Count Down & Move – Super Simple Songs
Choo Choo Train – Patty Shukla
Dancer in the MiddleColleen & Uncle Squaty
I Can Tango – Patty Shukla
Moving Around the ClockMusic with Mar.
Native American Counting SongMusic, Movement & Magination
Numbers In A Circle (10)Colleen and Uncle Squaty
The Number MarchHap Palmer
Rockin' To 50Music, Movement & Magination
Rock Your Body To The ColorsJack Hartmann
Shake It Like ThisStephen Fite
Shape UpJack Hartmann
Spunky Monkeys –Mary Jo Huff
Subtract and Step On Ones RapMusic with Mar.
These Little Stars of MineMusic with Mar.
Zero the Hero Exercise and CountJack Hartmann
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Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Songs
Clap Your Hands- Open Shut Them - Patty Cake – Song Medley
Happy and You Know It – Andy Z
I'm a Little Teapot – Traditional Children's Movement Song
If You're Happy and You Know It – Children's Participation Song
If You're Happy and You Know It – With Extension Activities
Teddy Bear Hip-Hop – Jack Hartmann
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear – Jack Hartmann
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear – Stephanie Burton
Tony Chestnut – Marla Lewis
Tony Chestnut – Traditional Folk Song
Turkey In the StrawWendy Rollin
The Wheels on the Bus – Traditional - Andy Z
The Wheels on the Bus – Traditional Song Lyrics
ZooDeeAyMusic with Mar.
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Playground - Recess Time
Above It – Patty Shukla
Do You See Me Sliding Down? – Cherry Carl
Hide and Seek – Patty Shukla
Hop! Hop! Hop! – Cherry Carl
I Need a Little Push – Cherry Carl
Jump, Jump, Jump – Cherry Carl
Jump, Jump, Jump – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Let's Go to the Playground – Miss Jenny  
Now Jump! – Musical Games and Action Songs
Tisket A Tasket-Ball – Musical Games and Action Songs
Up and Down – Cherry Carl
You'd Better Run – Colleen and Uncle Squaty

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