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Food Songs & Nutrition Songs

Teaching Healthy Eating Habits — Not Just for Kids!
Food Nutrition songs

These food and nutrition songs are available from a variety of albums. Use them for teaching about fruits, vegetables, food groups, junk food, and healthy snack choices.    

Drink Some Milk Today – Miss Jenny
Milk and Eggs – Jeanne Nelson & Hector Marín
Milk Makes Your Bones Grow Big – Geof Johnson
Wisconsin Dairy Polka – Colleen & Uncle Squaty

Food Groups
Dance For the Food Groups – Music with Mar.
Food Group Boogie – Pam Minor
Food Group Fun – Music with Mar.
Food Groups Are Rockin’ Tonight – Music, Movement & Magination
Food Pyramid – Marilyn M. Linford
Step Into It – Music with Mar.

Apples and Bananas - Songs That Teach
Apples and Bananas - Dan Crow
Avocado Is A Fruit - Sam Jones
The Citrus Song - The Battersby Duo
Clap Your Hands For Peaches - Sam Jones
Dried Fruits, Dried Fruits - Sam Jones
Eat An Orange Ripe Persimmon - Sam Jones
Eat Some Fruit- Miss Jenny
Everybody Likes Fruits And Vegitables - Jay Mankita
Fruit Basket - Mary Jo Huff
Grapefruit Is A Great Fruit - Sam Jones
Incredible Winter Squash - Sam Jones
Juicy Fruit - Prue Whoo
Les Fruits (Teaching Names of Fruit in French) - Simple Songs That Teach French 2
Oranges Are For Me - Sam Jones
Pick Strawberries - Sam Jones
Plums Can Make You Hum - Sam Jones
Rainbow Fruit Bowl - Fran Avni
We Eat Apples In Many Ways - Sam Jones
The World’s Favorite Fruit (Tomatoes) - Sam Jones
Zucchini - Sam Jones

Grocery Shopping
Buford & Bessie Go Shopping – Music, Movement & Magination
The Grocery Store – Alan Riva and Karin Howard
Let's Go Shopping! – Nutrition Songs from Caroline and Danny

Harvest Blessing – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Harvest Time – Lauren Mayer
It's Harvest Time – Sam Jones

Beans Are Good For You – Sam Jones
Ode to a Refried Bean – Miss Maggie

Breakfast – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Music, Movement & Magination
Breakfast Time – Miss Jenny
Casserole Anyone? – The Battersby Duo
Chicken Soup and Rice – Gary Rosen
Fried Ham – Andrew Queen
Gravy and Potatoes – Dan Crow
I Had Ham – Dan Crow
I Had Ham – Dan Crow
Mac and Cheese – The Battersby Duo
Macaroni & Cheese – Andrew Queen
Macaroni & Cheese – Bill Harley
Macaroni & Cheese – Dan Crow
Picnic – Exploring Language through Song and Play
Porridge – The Battersby Duo
The Pizza Tree – Andrew Queen
Start the Day off Right – Gary Rosen
Today Is Monday – Traditional Song Lyrics

Multicultural Foods
Multicultural Feast – Music with Mar.

Nutrition and Healthy Habits
Be Good To Your Body-Naturally – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Did You Eat Your Food? – Food Song for Kids
Eat Like A Rainbow – Jay Mankita
Eat Right – Music, Movement & Magination.
Eat, Sleep and Exercise Right – Music, Movement & Magination.
Eat. Then Exercise – Music with Mar.
Eat Your Food, Don't Wear It – Gary Rosen
Energy – Kids' Food Song from Nutricise
Fast Food Detective – Kids' Food Song from Nutricise
Food – Hap Palmer
I Know A Smart Woman – Music with Mar.
Junk Food Car – Carol Johnson
Junk Food Judy – Kids' Food Song from Nutricise
Live, Be Healthy & Strong – Miss Maggie
Mrs. Nutritious – Miss Maggie
Organic – Michael Ryther
Peanut Butter and Jelly – Adapted by Jack Hartmann
Tummy-O – Caroline and Danny
Veggie Power – Erna Walker
Walk. Jog. Run. – Music with Mar.
Wash Away All That Sugar! – Food Song from Marla Lewis

Peanut Butter and Jelly – Adapted by Jack Hartmann
Sandwich – Dan Crow

Snacks & Treats
American Gum – Dan Crow
Big Bagels – Kelly Good
Chocolate – Gary Rosen
How About Dessert? – The Battersby Duo
Ice Cream on a Hot Dog –David Tobocman
Overtaken By the Bacon – Vivi Melody & Family
Popcorn – Gemini
Popcorn Chant – Ellen Allard
The Popcorn Pop – Gary Rosen
She Likes Ice Cream – The Rocking Rockets
Sweet Tooth – Wayne Potash

Ode To Soup – Gemini
Sunday Gumbo – Skip West
Vegitable Soup – Mary Jo Huff

Chopsticks – Jay Mankita
I Use Them to Eat – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín

Artichokes and Brussels Sprouts – Jackie Cytrynbaum
Asparagus Is So Amazing - Sam Jones
Broccoli - Oren and the Hiccups
The Broccoli Boogie - Sam Jones
The Carrot Twist - Sam Jones
Eating Lots Of Peas - Sam Jones
Eat Your Broccoli, Mark – Vivi Melody & Family
Everybody Likes Fruits And Vegitables - Jay Mankita
I Will Eat All My Vegetables - Miss Jenny
Les Légumes (Names of Vegetables in French) - SimpleSongs That Teach French 2
Let’s Root For Root Vegetables - Sam Jones
The Pepper Pasadoble - Sam Jones
Sweet Potato Soul - Sam Jones
Toss A Salad - Miss Maggie
Try A Cucumber - Sam Jones
Vege Boogie – Dan Schmitt and Angie Bolton
Vegetables – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
The Vegetable Rock – Nutrition Songs from Nutricise
Vegetables Song – Dr. Thomas Moore
Why Are Green Beans On Your Plate, Brother Dear? - Sam Jones
The Zucchini Song - Dan Crow

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